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Microsoft Surface 3 Pro: Flip me over, fondle me up


I think photographers will like the 3:2 screen ratio to match those on the rear of many DSLR and CSC type cameras.

P.S. I'd love to know why (especially apt with this device and it's screen resolution and ratio), hardware running Microsoft OS seem incapable of having a built-in FULL SIZE SD slot that is FAST. That it is missing from Surface Pro3 = even more silly.

Take my Dell XPS L502X i7 8GB RAM, fast 128GB SSD and HD Screen. A very viable alternative to Apple MacBook Pro machines for performance. Yet when I mislay my EXTERNAL SD(HC/XC) card reader (USB) ... and use the inbuilt SD slot ... the performance is as crappy as it has been for a decade or two (typically about 3 MB/S transfer time from an averagely fast SDHC card capable of ten times that speed). Almost 5.5 hours transfer time of a 16GB card ... no thanks !! Cancel > find external card reader > repeat > less than 15 mins later (DONE).

That 15 mins to transfer could be even quicker (5mins or less) with a 90 to 100 MB/s card in a latest APPLE laptop (can do 100 MB/s speed from inbuilt slot). Why are all the manufacturers APART from Apple doing this ? DO they think keen photographers want to lug something else around to lose, or break or damage a USB port ??


Re: Windows 8 is an unfocussed mess

You reek of someone that has never properly used a W8 touchscreen device. I was a prejudiced as you were when W8 and W8 RT first came out ... but actually you are wrong in SO many ways. For someone that has never used Windows 8 before / not particularly computer literate ... it is easier to learn just 4 ... that's right JUST 4 different swipe from side of screen jestures. From the right and then onto Settings and Options will always bring you to a CONTEXTUAL menu (i.e. to do with the app that your are using). Easy.

Swipe from the left to go through all the open apps. Swipe down from the top to close an app. Swipe up from the bottom in IE to add bookmarks or pin to start page. Easy.

Now with a laptop or All-in-One hardware that is NOT a touch screen device ... I could agree with you massively on most fronts. I have a NON-touchscreen W& Dell XPS laptop running W7 Ultimate (and there is NO WAY I would want to run W8 instead). On the family Surface RT and Surface2 RT devices however... brilliant - love how easy they are to use. I have also (at Currys PCWorld who I actually finish working for on Friday) found that I am now massively more comfortable in front of a W8 laptop with touch, than one without. I have transformed many of the bigoted, out-of-date and ill-informed 50/60/70 year old generation of (XP/Vista) generation user (who have come into the store, having been told Windows 8 is terrible), by showing them touchscreen ease of use.

Canada? The computer vendor says no


xj25nrm 3 point reply, my new Galaxy Tab vs my much loved Psions + E90

Let me start by saying I have a fairly basic Nokia phone too (on PAYG) which has a handy UMA facility that can link to my Orange LiveBox at home - and therefore bypass the dodgy Orange signal where my house is (in a dip). So I am a 2 phone user - from previous use of HTC Touch HD - I mostly hate the use of the majority of TOUCH SCREEN ONLY phones (ie NO physical buttons).

The Galaxy Tab was always of interest to me - as I can also use it as a phone, I am not tied to an airtime provider, and it can use a standard size SIM (externally accessed).

Although I am mostly very pleased with my new Tab ... I still DESPAIR (yes even almost a DECADE after Psion left the consumer marketplace!!) that my Psion NetBook is not a current machine. With the benefits of (Adroid?) OS, better screen (brighter and more resolution), added bluetooth, built in fast Wi-Fi ....it would be FABULOUS (even changing little else). Even without 3G it would be fab (I could use a Mi-Fi device if I needed 3G access anywhere).

The Psion Netbook (and 5mx / Ericsson MC218 come to that) were/ARE perfect from factor devices. The NetBook can easily load any OS from the CF slot. If only Psion had been braver in the very late 90s and early 00s - I have no doubt whatsoever they could have been a 'best of everything' Nokia/Apple/Blackberry/ Android device, all wrapped up together.

I wonder if anyone at Psion Texlogic has the balls and know-how to set up a new consumer division and return with an Android device (or MULTI PLATFORM ??) device(s) ?

Take away a lot of the 'gimmicks' that you have on a iPhone/iPad OS, Android OS, Symbian OS ... and admittedly the hardware tweaks that make some of the latest devices more '2011 era' .... and I beleive the Psion NetBook/S7 form factor (7" screen) is PERFECT. They could scale it down (5mx/Revo size) - or up even (10" screen?).


Gadget lover that I am ... I HATE change for changes sake. Yet that is the era we live in now. Psion was (thankfully) NOT a 'change for changes sake company ... .yet it was mostly IMHO the reason for their downfall. Ironically they had bluetooth models ready when they bailed out back almost a decade ago + (at that time). Had they got to Psi-Win build 2.3.3 many years earlier earlier ... (and later added things like bluetooth USB etc too) - they'd still be a key player.

Such a shame.

I am also a huge Arcam fan (I have upgraded my CD palyer internals, new upgraded DAC) - also around 1990/2000 era + I bet there is still loads of customers that continue to give Arcam dealers 'upgrade money. I just think Psion could have been this sort of company ... as a sweet antidote to the 'throw away' Apple generation that started with the iPods and iPhones.

Blogger fights Psion's claim to 'netbook' name


I still dream the 'If only ...' scenario to this day

Bit Fiddler has eloquently (and passionately / emotionally?) said the crux of what I wanted say. I have had 'Netbook' as a Google saved search for many many years now (I have had numerous Psion machines since I was at school back in the 80s and later at my 1st job at BBC TVC at Wood Lane).

I am (sorry I know it is boring, but heck I still feel SO passionate about this) ... STILL mad at Psion for screwing up all those years ago + bailing out of the consumer sector. I am also still ASTONISHED at how brilliant my EPOC Psion NetBook still is, (and how long the battery lasts). Psion got arrogant and lazy & did not know what modern marketing and branding or 'spinning' was. Very sad, VERY British disease. Back in early 00s everyone who loved (or wanted to like) Psions such as the excellent 5mx was simply wanting to keep all the good bits, but with a few new things:

* Synchronisation that just worked: ironically given to us in 2.3.3. as Psion sailed off into the corporate only harbours.

* I will leave out colour screens arguement (in 5mx or Revo form size) as I personally agree with Psion that it would have had detrimental effect on battery life.

... Without going into excessive detail, basically new things like Bluetooth, USB ports etc etc were becoming excepted standards ... and Psion seemed to be doing diddly about reating to a changing marletplace. Technical hurdles to integrate into ER5/ER6+ ? - hell yes I am sure. But if you are the LEADER in something ...surely it is worth fighting on? Being OPEN MINDED about attracting fresh blood (younger and older customers who are less geeky or technically minded & like 'wow' factor), BUT while keeping the old faithful on board.

Sorry to rant so uncontrollably ... but I laugh at all these crappy 'netbook' pretenders. My EPOC NetBook (TM) is still king for me in form factor and speed. Instant on, no gimmicks, touchscreen AND nearly 100% sized keyboard.

P.S. - I would still PAY handsomely to upgrade the screen to a transflective (daylight freindly) alternative - just like the option you had on the NetPad.

P.P.S. - My Nokia 9500 Communicator is still second best (and hinge on one side is now broken) ... maybe I should got an S60 E90 as a replacement instead of my ergonomic joke of a Windows Mobile HTC Touch HD* ? *From all the hype I eventually got this on contract (Orange) ... 1st consideration of a Windows Mobile device ... not bad speed / reliabilty-wise ... but I miss Nokia Communicator form-factor.

rant over. Andrew (UK)