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Nokia prepares to fiddle with Symbian

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Other Manufacturers Wish Their Phones Were As Good As the iPhone

After having worked at Nokia for almost ten years, and having used myriads of their products, I can honestly say that I never saw one that was as polished as the iPhone. Granted, numerous ones I used were under development, but even phones released to the market were never as easy to use, reliable and speedy as the iPhone. Nokia is now certainly no better than "the best of the rest" when it comes to smartphones. And the other manufacturers would have to stand on a stepstool to kiss Apple's @$$.

Doug Deeds is right about Nokia wasting the huge marketshare it had in the U.S. They ignored emerging market trends because they always thought they knew best what the customer wanted. They didn't bother listening to people who worked for them in the U.S. who were telling them what needed to be done, because we were just "Stupid Americans".