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HP TouchPad 32GB WebOS tablet

Paul Ross


I was also confused by this terminology. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of looking it up on urban dictionary.

I see a Kindle app has now been made available for Touchpad owners (but only for US at the moment). I had a play with the Touchpad in PC World and it seems like a fairly good device. It is good to see WebOS back on the highstreet in the UK. However, now HP has ditched the Pixi form factor I have relapsed and gone back to a Blackberry Bold. Not as pretty as WebOS but I don't miss the lag!

Palm Pixi Plus budget smartphone

Paul Ross

good phone

I got one of these two weeks ago. Thrown in extra was a back cover for use with touchstone. Battery life is a full day for me using the wifi a lot which i think is acceptable. I have disabled location services and changed the email interval which helps. WebOS 2.0 due out soon and that should bring a performance boost.

I could never go back to a Crackberry with the trackball/pad and awful web browser.

HP's Palm buy was all about WebOS

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o2 is bad news for the Pixi. Priced too near the Pre Plus!

RIM's BlackBerry OS 6 may be too late to fend off Apple

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Jobs Horns

fend off apple?

Most blackberry phones have a keyboard!

HP eyes webOS iPad rival

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@Sean O'Connor 1: There isn't a tool that simple but have you checked out Ares? You can make your webOS app all in your browser. http://ares.palm.com/Ares/about.html

Palm denies it's up for sale

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I'd quite happily buy a Pixi Plus if it was for sale! We don't all want a soft keyboard.

Cornish separatists take aim at pasty students

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i say

Get on, shagger!

Palm introduces Pré junior

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I'll not get my hopes up about this being released anytime soon. Been waiting 9 months just to try a Pre. And I'm not signing up for 2 years with o2.

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

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i know...

Define 'gunt'

Bidding war breaks out for T-Mobile UK

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Back off, vodafone

Had some horrendous bills off Vodafone for mobile internet a few years ago.

Having found 0800-buster etc to avoid the joke 40p/min rates to phone utility companies I'm very happy with my tmobile sim-only contract. £20/month for internet and unlimited texts. Signal can be crap in the sticks but hey-ho. They will no doubt scrap the solo plans if voda get hold of t-mobile. They should be stopped!

UK mobile networks clash following HTC Hero launch

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Why didn't they call this the 'HTC Jimmy Hill'?

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography

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<--- "Can you top-up this pint please"

After six months, Steve Jobs speaks

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Never thought i'd like windows mobile

Apple won't get my vote.

F-22 may live on: Cheap secondhand Eurofighters on offer

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Nice to know it was worth the money.

What is the purpose of the eurofighter apart from flanking russian propeller-powered bombers and appearing in documentaries with the likes of James May etc?

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey

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i pay £20/month for unlimited internet and lots minutes. Win mobile phone bought sim free.

But iphoner is superior paying £50? haha.

Palm Pre to sell like hot cakes, Sprint CEO proclaims

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Re: anonymous coward

Err, I have a Palm treo pro and it has hsdpa, wifi etc... I can't see why you think the pre wouldn't get those features to? They had Pre's with vodafone sims in at barcelona. I don't reckon it will be too long until it comes here.

Google sued for 'stealing' Android name

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Android Netbook - haha

Does Erich Specht work for Psion? :-)

Vodafone shows off HTC's second Android phone

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Pretty good

Looked at this in the shop.. but why do all these android phones come with a "chin" at the bottom of the device?

I'm gonna wait for the Pre!

Microsoft claims Firefox- and Chrome-whopping IE8 speeds

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IE is pants - especially when you're forced to use it

I am using Firefox running on opensolaris inside VMware on desktops at plymouth uni.

Yet it is still faster than IE, which we are forced to use as it is the only option on the machines here. And IE crashes everytime I go on preloved.co.uk

Blogger fights Psion's claim to 'netbook' name

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Why don't Psion relaunch their old PDA designs but with an updated version of symbian and bluetooth + wifi.

The series 3 psions fetch a lot on ebay, so surely there is still a market for the simcard-free device! Heck, I am using a Treo 90 and its pretty handy with long battery life.

I would buy a pocketsurfer if it were not for the reports of poor build quality. This was never an issue with the Psion I had.

Sounds like a more productive use of their time instead of suing people.