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Microsoft's Windows 10 Workstation adds killer feature: No Candy Crush

Jim in Hayward

Re: Consumer refers to who's paying

And disabled in the pro version. I am still able to prevent the MS Creators Update and subsequent fall update from installing. Plenty of control in the Pro version.

Microsoft whips out tool so you can measure Windows 10's data-slurping creepiness

Jim in Hayward

I have windows 10 professional upgrade installed on a 2008 Dell Core 2 Duo, 4GB ram, 256GB SSD 15" laptop. I use a utility I found to Show/Hide Windows Updates. As of today I am still successfully running Version 1607, having avoided the Creators and Fall Creators feature updates. I manually control when to check for updates (which will install automatically if it finds any). Of course I do a full backup to Acronis before I click that check for updates button. After every update I run that utility to verify that the 1709 Feature Update remains hidden.

What a PAIN, right?? But it's success! LOL.

Apple looks forward to wiping $47bn off its overseas profit tax bill – thanks to US shakeup

Jim in Hayward

The stock value continues to march up and I will cash out more positive that I could have imagined 25 years ago,

Way-NO, Waymo! Judge snubs demand for Uber's robo-taxi code

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24 hrs?

How do you get access to source code for only 24hrs? Does the data 'self-destruct'? Sure seems to me like they want to get some fresh ideas by looking at how others do it.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft

Jim in Hayward

LOLZ. Surely you meant the C128!

Jim in Hayward

Re: Upgrade and then downgrade Windows 10 - issues happend

Why would you not backup the entire system to an external drive (clone or Acronis NFS)? You can easliy restore the entire system to the state it was in prior to any updates or shenanigans.

Jim in Hayward

Re: and all from stealing another's excellent (working!) product in the 1980's - which was CP/M

Apple licenses the GUI and mouse from PARC. You need a history lesson.

Google hardwires its Android app store into new Chromebooks

Jim in Hayward

Just stupid

Microsoft and Apple have App Store integration. It makes sense and it does not limit competition in any way. How could it? Unless the Google App Store link only shows Google created apps. That would be wrong.

New Windows 10 privacy controls: Just a little snooping – or the max

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Re: Or... no snooping at all

Please list the specific applications that will only work on Windows that required you move from Apple. Names & publishers please.

Jim in Hayward

Re: Information we collect

So what if you have NO Microsoft account and never login. My Windows 10 is setup that way. I also use Group Policy editor to prevent automatic updates. How does any of this apply to me? I simply won't install the update.

Jim in Hayward

Poor little Hilliary losers

You would have lost a lot more than a job under Hilliary. World War III is averted under Trump. Be grateful, not spiteful.

Jim in Hayward

Poor little Hilliary losers

Complaining even on software threads about how Hilliary was able to lose 3 times to the " remorseless bully who loves to hold a grudge ". It certainly LOOKS like Hilliary worshipers are the ones with a grudge. Be thankful that lying, corrupt, political whore didn't win. There is no place for Microsoft point and clickers in a post World War III world. At least Trump saves your jobs. For 2 years.

Wikipedia won't stop BEGGING for cash - despite sitting on $60m

Jim in Hayward

Wow! People sure like to bitch. Donate? Never! Stupid bitches think giving their cash to churches means something. You don't need stupid to give. We all just need stupid to die (republicans).

Clock ticking for Surface 3 as Microsoft preps for globo-launch

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Re: I'd love one, but

JDX - You forget, Microsoft is the Ford of the computing world. That includes all things they do, software AND the trinkets they like to call hardware. If you want a Ferrari check out Apple's products.

Bloke squeezes Apple's boules, predicts millions of iPhone 6s, iWatches

Jim in Hayward

Re: I wonder how many he owns?

Well, if he's like me we own 7 times as many shares as we did last week. :-)

'Hacked docs' prove MtGox has 1 MILLION Bitcoins, claim blog-snatchers

Jim in Hayward

Re: In the meantime - back on the farm

What the hell are you writing about anon? Why is this made up currency going to be the savior of the non-rich?? loser.

Fine! We'll keep updating WinXP's malware sniffer after April, says Microsoft

Jim in Hayward

Re: If someone makes those updates available out on the web...

"And of course they'll be 100% risk free as they came from a warez site!"

Of course. Everything Microsoft sells is warez duffus!

Apple sends in the bulldozers as Fruit Loop construction begins

Jim in Hayward

Re: Will Apple still be around to see it's completion?

Silly coward,

(At least Microsoft have other product lines to prop up the dead Windows Phone). One needs a successful product line not based on the drug business. Did you know that smoking has dropped by more than 50% since 1995. Guess what, so has Windows dominance. Some may still use it because of necessity but most that have an option avoid it.

Microsoft Windows - the 'new' tabacco!

MS only has 1 hope. Ditch trying to rule the world and settle for a percentage of the profits.

Samsung says knickers to poor Gear sales claim, eyes pants to sell more

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Re: Where does she hide the phone it pairs with?

So wrong it's funny. Upvoted.

How to find OS X Mavericks' 43 hidden photogenic beauties

Jim in Hayward


A simple command + i reveals this:

146,674,427 bytes (146.7 MB on disk) for 48 items

Pretty simple to reveal an Apple hater, isn't it?

Jim in Hayward

Re: It blows my mind

That's why your company tested everything first and found those 2. Therefor you company has not migrated to Mavericks yet until a solution can be found. What? They moved all 3 of your production machined over to Mavericks without any backup to restore from? Guess your corporate-wide VPN is back down to sneaker net. Well, at least the 3 of you can lose some weight!

Windows 8.1 to freeze out small business apps

Jim in Hayward

Re: The message isn't clear enough yet?

Mpeler - you could have been more original than repainting the Windows OS mission statement as Nix.

Apple's Siri 'hurls insults' at Google Glass

Jim in Hayward

Re: Sense of Humour Failure

Yes. Siri can give me a laugh now and then. I saw that new ad for Googles Nexus 7 Andriod phone. This kid asks "Google, what is glossophobia" which promptly pulls up the definition via Google search. So I pull out my iPhone and ask "Siri, what is glossophobia" to which it pulls up the definition for claustrophobia. Bzzt.

So, I repeat, 3 times. Each time it can't find it (looking for glossa phobia, glass o phobia). Then I think, Aha~ Google is picking a long word to use-maybe Siri can't understand long words? So I ask "Siri, what is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" She responds:

"Is that you, Mary?"

LOL !! So funny!! I replied "Yes, Siri, I am a Mary"

Dead STEVE JOBS 'touts rival Lenovo gear' FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Jim in Hayward

Re: When

Silly Lars, everyone knows that Al Gore invented the internet!!

Apple's $17bn bond sale not such a good deal for investors

Jim in Hayward

Re: Whilst I am no financial expert...

Well, I sunk 50K into it. Does that mean I'm a sucker? NOT!

Curtain drops on Apple Store ahead of WWDC: What lies behind?

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Re: Actually,

Yeah, I knew you licked your hand clean you sick tard.

FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know

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Re: giga

JIF is also peanut butter here in the states.

Jim in Hayward

Mr. White

is jay. a total guvenile.

Peak Apple: First 'profit slip' in a decade - and, boy, it's gonna be BIG

Jim in Hayward
IT Angle

Re: Hang on ...

Seriously...and he was wrong! Stupid blogger!

How much will Google pay to bring fiber to Provo, Utah? Try $1

Jim in Hayward

Re: Why have I heard of the place?

Also home of the Prop 8 liars, the Mormons.

Microsoft: 'Facebook Home just copies Windows Phone'

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Re: Degrees of Clever

Yep. Not to mention no one wants a windows phone. period.

Carrie Fisher dusts off THAT bikini for Star Wars VII

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Re: "I never understood what was so special..."


Jim in Hayward

Re: Lensflares

Darren - we all age....thing is will YOU still have fans when you are over 40? BITCH!

Jim in Hayward

Re: With a bit of CGI...

uh...you don't have wrinkles when you a overweight.

I know!!!

Jim in Hayward

with JJ at the helm

I would imagine the film will be popular and make money --- compared to the cost v/s revenue of prior SW films that were only about money with no story.

Thank the Midichloria's that the SW legacy may yet live.

Microsoft: You want Office for Mac, fanboi? You'll pay Windows prices

Jim in Hayward

NeoOffice is OO for Mac OSX

My top tip for Microsoft: Stop charging for Windows Phone 8

Jim in Hayward

MS is not asking too much for a whole OS/eco-system

@BristolBachelor -

MS is asking too much. MS caters to the entire industry. Apple only caters to their own users which all MS only folks continue to deride as 4 % or less of the market. Surely, Bristol, you can't be suggesting that a company that influences 90% of the market be held to the same level as a company that influences 4% of the market?

It sure reads to me that you think Microsoft should be held accountable to the same levels of, what, a company that does 5% of what Microsoft does? In my opinion, a company that holds over 50% of the market share need to be very reactive and follow the wants/needs of the community.

Microsoft will never do that. They could own 100% of the market (as they did in the past) and STILL push their desire onto the market. Microsoft sucks and needs to close their doors and their warez can be release into the public domain where it will be fixed correctly.

Jim in Hayward

Re: Silly of MSFT to try and turn a profit on the WinPho OS.

Dave15 - they were the first to become a 1 trillion dollar company! Why is that? Because of their fanbois? WOW. Pretty damned rich fanbois I would say.

Face it. Apple did a better job than anyone else out there. Quit your whinning and just allow others to get some limelight instead of insisting that Microsoft is the only company allowed success and popularity.


It's JUST possible, but Apple MIGHT not make an iWatch in 2013

Jim in Hayward

Re: Pass

A music player watch cell phone thingy...sounds like something Microsoft would try to sell.

iPad mini to outsell iPad, get Retina Display? iPad to slenderize?

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Re: Cue a tirade of Apple hating posts

LOL - Yeah. But us Apple loving folks could care less....like my portfolio. Go Apple!!

Windows 8: At least it's better than ‘not very good’

Jim in Hayward

To the nay sayers I say, grow up! Stop bleeting on and learn to use it.

Yes. It is also quite obvious Microsoft feels this way. Sorry, no one nor any company with this type of 'customer' retrospective get's MY money. I expect you to kiss my behind not shove commandments at me.

Good bye Microsoft. It was bearable while it lasted.

Microsoft Surface: Designed to win, priced to fail

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Re: Business

Uh...sales tax in California is 8.5%. In Nevada sales tax is 0%. Not sure where you get the idea sales tax is 20%

Windows 8: Microsoft's tablet-desktop still painful to swallow

Jim in Hayward

Re: a whole hour?

doggies...i mean dogged....get over it. these boards, none of them, sway public opinion. ever. period. but they do sort of reflect public opinion. in that no matter how many people microsoft pays to support their warez they are running an order of magnitude behind those who choose rather than "slavishly" adhere to them.

fact is, microsoft can try every tactic, including mimicry, but will fail to gain support. microsoft is toast and does not have the talent needed to regain their momentum to maintain their monopoly. soon, within 5 year i think, that monopoly will break and microsoft will have morphed into the new Apple. again. just copying others stuff. sad really.

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Re: a whole hour?

Not really in Unix. MS even had Xenix (a Unix copy) back in the day, but all they can do is try to copy without a Xerox, just a carbon copy. Less tech, more damage. That's MS

Jim in Hayward

Re: a whole hour?

Typical that a pro-Microsoft guy would post rant about folks that don't worship the same entity he does. It may have take 8 minutes for others not of his liking to post, but it took him all of 15 seconds. LOL

Burglar steals $60,000 of computers from Steve Jobs' home

Jim in Hayward
IT Angle

I wish they were more expliciate. Like journalism and such...

alas...it's just bait click stuff.

Please let him lie in rest.....he has done enough, Quit trying to deride his name beotches.

Doctor Who gets one-off special to mark Time Lord's 50th year on telly

Jim in Hayward

Re: Last season was a huge disappointment

I agree. Replace this doctor.....NOW!

Jim in Hayward

Re: In the US version it'll be Scott Bakula

Yes...he is sexy, but a Doctor? NOT!

Jim in Hayward

Re: Dr Who goes female

Doctor Donna!! - lol - I just love her!

Apple iOS 6 beta limits number of apps per device

Jim in Hayward

It's so silly.

I am a fruity Apple Corp. product lover. But I have a grand total of 62 apps on my iPhone and 74 on my iPad (of which 62 are my iPhone apps).

This is a crazy amount of apps. I bet you can't run even 30 on a Windows phone!