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Navy glovepuppets minister in carrier battle against RAF


Define Major Spending

"At the same time all major spending on the carriers has been pushed back into the next government."

What is major spending? The steel has bee bought, indeed, at Corus in Scunthorpe they have been rolling and processing plates for this project since September '08. Furthermore, Babcock's Appledore Shipyard in Devon has been preparing steel plate destined to become an internal deck of the carriers. Contracts valued nearly £90 million were signed in the middle of January for various parts of the ship. Thales Nederland has formalised a contract to deliver the Thales’s S1850M radar, this was ordered in early February and is due to be delivered be delivered during 2011. The second radar is scheduled for 2103.

I can't see either party canceling these carriers now.

The point about the Type 45 is a good one. The RN wouldn't need a very expensive, world-class(and it is, I can assure you), wide area defence destroyer if they don't have any thing to protect. Would be a bit of a white elephant. Could have had a dozen or more multi-role Horizons for the same money.


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