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UK to get Kindle in Christmas stocking?

Ben Lovell

@Glen 1

"The main thing stopping me from taking this seriously is the same reason i dont want an ipod. Namely being forced to use 1st party drm out of the box."

1) The iPod doesn't require you to use 1st party drm out of the box. You can use non-drm'd formats too, from the get go.

2) Your moral complaint about iTunes has hardly stopped the iPod's success, so there's little reason to think why it would stop the Kindle's success...

Mac and Linux Bastilles assaulted by new attacks

Ben Lovell
Jobs Horns

Regarding the HFS+ vulnerability

I'm not an expert in this, but surely this is more of an issue than it's made out to be?

Sure, you need physical access. And yes, you can reset the admin password to a machine if you have physical access. But what use is resetting the admin password to a machine if the account is a network one, say in a workplace or school, for example?

As I see it, a user could come in with a corrupted HFS+ formatted USB drive, promote their privelages, and start causing havoc over the network...

Though, as I said, I'm no expert. Can anyone clarify whether the exploit could be used as I just described?

Mobile phones to get universal charger

Ben Lovell
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What motivation is there for Apple to sign up for it?

Since the dock is used for data transfer, adding support would have to add another socket. How does that extra production help in making it more energy efficient? It doesn't. How about economical? I doubt it'll make much of a difference, but if it does, it would be undoubtedly negative.

And what about demand? Now you're weighing up Apple's green cred. vs having a sleek phone. Now which do you think affects Apple's demand at the moment?

No-one buys an iPhone purely for the phone anyway, and so I doubt many would be too worried because of lack of support of the standard. The main advantage of the new standard is that you can charge from a usb port - something already possible with Apple's option.


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