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Hackers claim T-Mobile scalp


Share scam?

I couldnt track down their stock online. Probably not listed under something obvious like T-Mobile US...

If anyone else does find it. Whats its price done in the last day or 2? Curious if it dropped a bunch on this rumour.

Hydrogen motoring too heavy for pundit


Give me hydrogen or death

For once, Top Gears review of a car was spot on.

They get the point of the Clarity.

Its a car, that just happens to run on hydrogen.

Trickle charge battery tech is a waste of time.

I live in the middle of a victorian built and planned city.

No way, no how, am I ever going to be able to find a place to plug my car in every night for 8 hours to charge. Hard enough just to park somewhere, never mind somewhere I can run a flex to.

Yet at every out of town shopping centre, which I can drive to at my convenience, is a nice big pumping station just waiting to have a tank of hydrogen installed.

Its not about the efficincy of the electric. Its about the convenience of filling it up.