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Tennessee bloke quits job over satanic wage slip

Vlad The Impugner

It was a mistranslation anyway - the actual number of the beast/whatever was 616.

Gambling companies must be extra careful with personal data

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Alderney thinks so too

They've just suspended Full Tilt's gambling license.

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When I worked in Gib for a gaming company, there was a 'well known' black market in player data - the going rate was about £4 per person I believe. The interesting thing was that even as someone only loosely classed as a technical role (more process management) I had full access to the production databases. And that wasn't uncommon across similar non technical roles in our and other companies out there (everyone socialised together, played cards together etc). Having come from a stricter background, I obviously locked this down for our company fairly quickly and set up proper segregation of roles, rights, access levels etc etc

Then there's the well publicised Absolute Poker / Ultimate Bet fiasco where a cunning developer introduced a nice loophole straight into the production environment and they defrauded people of millions. It's basic stuff, but frightening how little it gets done.

Apple bars WinXP users from iCloud

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Punched cards never had viruses either.

The good book: How to bet better online

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How To Bolt After Door Shut

Arbitrage is never going to be a long term profitable prospect. Systems such as BetRadar (and the more improved systems) will look for them on behalf of the traders.

It's easier to take advantage of gullible amateurs especially during in-running betting than it is to find a bookie's flaw.

I'm not saying the bookie's bet traders are perfect, they do miss stuff, and purposefully offer generous odds to get new punters signed up with them. But as more people look to exploit, the arbs will get less and less.

Although curiously I expect there to be some arb opportunities on multi bets for obvious reasons.

Upper-atmos ion drive dart sat launch delayed

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the TIE Surveyor? Was that in one of the addon packs?

Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story

Vlad The Impugner

how can you scorn?

My imaginary friend is better than yours.

So I will fight you, discredit you theories and come up with my own.

My new religion will be called Branology*

It will cost you only $350 to reach BT3. And my only commandment is thou shalt not gamble because it's discretionary spending, the same as religious offerings.

*brane and bulk obviously, not the improvement of digestive transit

Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP

Vlad The Impugner

@ bnp having a point

Who would you rather vote for:

Hitler who tells you that 2+2 = 4

Ghandi who tells you that 2+2 = 5 and hopes your soul is happy.

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

Vlad The Impugner

make 'shocking' comment

=get publicity


Boffins breed new programming race

Vlad The Impugner

child programmer hating MIT...

all I have to say is:

Teh INternets. Serious f****** business.

Stargazers peer into the 'Eye of God'

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I'm still trying to work out if there could be a dog. It's going to epochs before we get onto gods.

Hitler ordered Luftwaffe to spare Blackpool

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Daily Mail

He was just a big softy really. Misunderstood. Unfair persecution of a probably daily mail reader by the nasty guardianistas.

BP snips IT contractor rates

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Get over it

You have a price in mind for your services. If the new price doesn't meet that, then go somewhere else. We've not exactly had a raw deal out of contracting, in the current conditions I'm comfortable with taking a rate cut.

It all becomes a question of expectation. If I'm forced to drop from 500/day to 450/day but with a 100% likelyhood of work for the next 6 months, then that outcome is worth 450/day to me over 6 months.

If I hunt for another contract @ 500/day and estimate there's only a 75% chance of getting one and assume an average of 2 weeks off work, then that's only worth 343/day to me over the next 6 months.

Wanted: £160k-a-year Twittercrat

Vlad The Impugner

Dear Sir / Madam / other

I would like this job pls.

[x] am good at teh internets imo (ya rly!!!!!1111one!!two)

[x] voted for you

[x] have twitter account

[x] like jams

[x] can pwn WOW @ lvl60 ldo

[ ] read daily mail


US Navy orders new electric hyper-kill railgun

Vlad The Impugner

@Defence is simple

Or even better, suspend a field of iron filings in front of the target, maybe attached to that sticky fly paper. The magnetised projectile will fly through them, then stop and try to brush them off with no success. It'll hang there spinning in the air trying to reach the bit between it's shoulder blades.....

Facebook does U-turn on eternal data grab

Vlad The Impugner

I'm astounded

[ ] Seen a 'Facebook is for saddo ppl' comment

[ x ] surprised

Although I bet the moderofascist* cunningly places this comment in after someone says that facebook is for saddo ppl ldo

*or should that be moderafascist?

Too busy to make a jam sandwich? M&S can help

Vlad The Impugner

@ flame requester

Will nobody think of the children?

Royal Navy to be first running-jump-jet force

Vlad The Impugner


Sounds dwarvish.

Beta-blocker 'erases' unpleasant memories

Vlad The Impugner

Imagine the possibilities....

......if you could autodose this on being rickrolled.

The fun would never end ldo

Hydrogen motoring too heavy for pundit

Vlad The Impugner

H production

What about this:



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