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Abba star slates 'lazy, stingy' Pirate Bay fans


'Twas ever thus

The subject of piracy generates the same set of views, always. It is stealing, plain and simple; if you indulge, fair enough (it is an individual's choice) but call it what it is. You're getting something for the cost of the bandwith, and the creator gets absolutely f*ck all. Cut through all the Robin-Hood nonsense about sticking it to the industry, you're stealing from everybody that put work into getting the product to you, whether it was a lorry driver, shop assistant, application developer, or sound engineer. Even if you see no value in a lot of those products, you've got to accept that this is what piracy does, at a basic logical level.

On the other hand, the industry has done nothing to help itself. DRM is, as outlined above, an absolute nightmare. The anti-piracy ads are an embarrasment - and usually targeted at people that have paid - and there is definitely price-fixing. Why are there TV programmes in the US that someone in Europe will never get to see? Is it that hard to make it pay?

Platforms that have lower percentage instances of piracy typically 'reward' the users with insanely high prices, so it is a two-way street.

Generally speaking, people - for the most part - are happy to pay money, as long as it is a fair price and the product is good, and it is easy for them to pay. I think - naively, I know - that if the industry just tried harder piracy would be greatly reduced.

iPhone and iPod Touch dominate handheld web traffic race



What surprises me is the V3 in third place. How? I loved my old V3i, but it was pretty poor for web browsing.

Royal Navy to be first running-jump-jet force



I think the role has changed subtly. The multirole ability and cheaper logistics (smaller vessels), and less reliance on long, prepared runways must still be very useful.

Twitter breaks Jam Festival record


@Joshua Davidson

I'm sorry Joshua. I enjoy using Twitter, it is good fun, but "...enables effective mass p2p learning, cultivates collaboration and renders what is a growing behemoth of information, a social playground for learning" is meaningless, 'web 2.0' new-media bollocks.

Mass peer-to-peer learning? Do me a favour.


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