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Microsoft slings out Office 2010 technical preview


XPx64 users want to know..

Will Office 10's x64 edition be only available for Vista x64 or will it run on XPx64 as well?

Is Office 2010 "Web Access" available as a server product that shops can install themselves or is it a service hosted by Microsoft with some kind of subscription fee?

Finally, I'm assuming this means there'll be a x64 version of Access. Does this mean we'll finally get a x64 driver for JET?

Jacqui drops central snooping database

Jobs Horns

Thank the gods!


...although the cynic in me suggests this is just a cost-cutting move in the face the recession.

//evilsteve 'cause even he doesn't read my email

Sharp intros 'world's first optical sensor LCD pad' netbook


Nothing new...

Several high-end Toshiba laptops from early 2004 featured (monochrome) displays built-in to their touchpads/

Apple sued over iPhone smooth scrolling


Keyhole, anyone?

Keyhole (from which Google Earth is derived) uses a similar concept: it scales up a low-resolution globe surface tile until it can download and render higher resolution data... and this dates back to the early 00s. As for "smooth scrolling" itself Internet Explorer has had this as a feature since 1998 in IE4.0 (although that's x/y scrolling, not z-axis).