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NBC to Apple: 'You're fired!'

Ben Jamieson

@Jonas Taylor

NBC sells episodes to *every other* wholesaler at half the price it was trying to gouge Apple for.

Are you saying Apple should happily accept paying double and having to pass that cost on to their users?

If so, please don't ever set up a business of your own.


Power outage knocks out major websites

Ben Jamieson

We all know....

... it was the iPhone.

to many people acessing their TypePad accounts at once.

Come on, Reg - you've worked very hard lately to build a rep as troll-like iPhone haters - run the story - you know you want to!

Silverlight glow dimmed by cross-platform concerns

Ben Jamieson

So What's new?

So Microsoft is holding back the web by not supporting standards...

Is this news? They've been doing this for the past 15 years with IE - hardly a surprise that Silverlight follows the same thread...

The development side is also heavily biased towards .NET and C# - with so many web application developers now choosing OS X (see the number of MacBooks at any programming conference!), and Adobe's Flash being pretty much mainstream and available across platforms, this is may end up as another technology for the die-hard Windows fans only.


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