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Fantasy Premier League falls over

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Even longer...

It has been down from early yesterday evening at best...

Firefox 3.6 hits ice - won't show up till Spring

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Not such a bad thing

I don't think slowing down a release schedule is such a negative thing. I would much rather have a solid browser that behaved as I expect it to a few months late, rather than a buggy browser that I am unable to use right now.

The roadmap to 4.0 looks to have some promising features, and getting there is the important thing.

I don't see why they can't ditch any new major releases and go for a fresher start with 4.0, giving them a chance to "break" some compatibility etc if needs be.

Nokia E72 smartphone

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@Mayhem (navipad)

"Well, that and I notice I'm slowly knocking chips off the navipad cause it was made of a cheaper plastic."

Tell me about it. Mine is chipped to the point it is sharp when running my finger from the right shortcut buttons to those on the left.

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IMAP Access

In the article it mentions IMAP accounts not being synced / accessed properly with the new Nokia Messaging application.

Am I right in assuming from the wording of the article there is no good old fashioned straight IMAP connection to your email, without going via the Nokia Messaging servers (which is buggy according to the article) and the reason I bought the E71 over a BlackBerry - being tied in to a server side system to get my email?

This would be the only reason I would not upgrade my much loved and abused and still loved E71...

HTC launches updated Touch Diamond and Pro

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I have just purchased the Nokia E71 on build quality, design and speed of interface. Oh, and on the fact from the looks and reports, it may just be a replacement for the 6310i I loved so much all those years ago, and which is still going strong for the person I sold it to.

Purchasing the (E71) handset Sim Free is cheaper than getting one of these in their v1 incarnation, even with a contract. I can only imagine how pricy these are going to be.