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You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up

Rambo Tribble

If you're taking an Inkscape graphic to a PDF, I'd suggest throwing it into Scribus for adding details like underlined text.

Ubuntu dressed in cheap elastic support, sent out in public

Rambo Tribble

Taking up the slack?

Are we in store for more such salacious headlines, to compensate for the loss of News of the World? The Reg goes tabloid?

Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

Rambo Tribble

Old tricks

Remember, in the 1980s Apple Computer tried to claim the GUI as their own product, while it was Xerox's PARC labs which actually developed it. Apple was buried in court. Hopefully, the same fate awaits them here.

Natty Narwahl: Ubuntu marine mammal not fully evolved

Rambo Tribble

Hey, any old timers out there ...

... who remember when Linux was more stable than Windows?

Corel begs for survival by giving takeover thumbs up

Rambo Tribble

Twenty years ago, today ...

Back in the heyday of the "PC Revolution", Corel Draw was considered a better product than even Adobe's offerings. Times have changed.

Proprietary software is under siege. With each passing year, the marginal products of mid-tier development houses are falling by the wayside. Top-tier houses are quaking in their boots; ask not for whom the bell tolls ...

Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time

Rambo Tribble

The Real Motivation

Whether it is the NSA, the DoD, or your local parking meter crew, the chief reason to use Open Source in government is to bring government under governmental control. That's as opposed to the current situation wherein money and industry control government to the considerable detriment of the larger population so governed.


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