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I couldn't possibly tell you the computer's ID over the phone, I've been on A Course™

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Re: He should be proud that of that guy

The Soviet defector who wrote under the name Suvorov predicted it in the late 1970's -- that the Soviet Union would feign collapse, so as to remove the appearance of the threat of Communism.

And right on schedule, the Communists went into high gear here in the U.S.

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Re: He should be proud that of that guy

Uh, you do realize that the official foreign policy of the USSR was nothing less than "worldwide revolution"

Apple's top-secret iBoot firmware source code spills onto GitHub for some insane reason

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Optional Title Here

"I was expecting it to be a link to "These iBoots Are Made for Walking" by Dolly Parton"

Dolly Parton?

Don't be a cretin. Nancy Sinatra did it quite well, and there was no need for covers by Tennessee floozies.

Linux greybeards release beta of systemd-free Debian fork

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"I don't have issues with the amount of information I can get from journalctl."

You've never had a system get horked so badly that journalctl wasn't available, resulting in having to parse the damned thing using od(1), more(1) and much much much more wall-clock time than was in any way reasonable.

Clue for the clueless -- BINARY SYSTEM LOGS ARE BAD, M'KAY.

G o d d a m n, some of the people posting here are utterly fucking stupid and too short for this ride.

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Yes, because when a well-understood, imperfect, but robust system is FORCIBLY replaced with a brittle, fragile, overly complicated, MORE IMPERFECT system which, which immediately commandeers cgroups for itself so that cgroups is unavailable for apps, and which fails to even meet a single one of its publicly announced design goals, run by a software team whose answer to anything is "you people suck!" and "you haven't read the 1000 pages of documentation" and "I'm not breaking things --- EVERYONE ELSE'S PROGRAMS ARE BROKEN! NOT MINE! NEENER NEENER NEENER!", yes, indeed, the response IS predictable.

Why would the response to this steaming pile of s h i t be any different? Why SHOULD it be any different.

A replacement for SysVInit should be an IMPROVEMENT, not shoehorning some Frankenstein's Monster sort of C:\Windows\svchost.exe into Linux

If you can't see the myriad problems with systemd, and don't understand how systemd is a step backwards on the level of going to the pre-MULTICS days of OS/360, then you're either too wet behind the ears to appreciate what's actually going on, or too stupid to ever comprehend what's really going on.

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Consider yourself lucky.

Systemd only works properly if you don't have a need to customize anything. As soon as you do, systemd tries to hijack the system, and usually ends up shooting hostages resulting in a huge bloody mess.

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Re: @jerky_rs read the documentation

Oh, B. S.

All of the necessary documentation for SysVInit contained in a 2-page document, which is clear, concise, and easy to understand in all of its nuances, because SysVInit is the epitome of elegance. The systemd documentation runs into the hundreds of pages, and is anything but clear and concise.

I've been using Unix since 1983, WROTE a unix-like operating system in a matter of weeks in a senior-class assignment, and have been administrating Unix and Linux machines since the early 1990's. When I say systemd is an over-complicated pile of rubbish, it's NOT due to an inability to comprehend, it's due to the fact that Poettering is not nearly as talented as he believes himself to be, and thinks that "more lines of code" == "better code" when, in fact, the exact opposite is generally true.

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Systemd boots up faster? Since when.

That was the original reason that systemd was sold to the community -- that it would boot up faster... which has ALWAYS been a specious argument -- since NOBODY that I've ever heard of sits around rebooting their computer all day. If I reboot more than once/month, then something is seriously wrong -- and that's usually hardware. In any event, systemd has utterly FAILED in that stated objective -- I've never seen a systemd machine boot up faster than an init machine when the two are of comparable hardware and installed software with similar sets of deamons fired up.

On the other hand, sytemd has replaced a simple, robust system with some sort of brittle and fragile ball of code that's the software equivalent of a sculpture imitating and M.C. Escer painting... it's only works right when viewed from EXACTLY the right angle, otherwise, it's a f u c k i n g disaster, and even then, it takes up FAR FAR FAR more room than it should, And the binary system logging STILL sucks, forcing even more waste to run a second, text-only syslog so that you can have a system log that's reliable enough to count on when everything is falling to s h i t.

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"I can't yet use systemd as fluidly as I can init scripts, but as you said, that's just due to lack of familiarity."

And you never will. SysVInit is easily comprehended with less than a page of documentation. It does ONE THING -- it stops and starts deamons.

In contrast, systemd requires HUNDREDS of pages of documentation, and Poettering and his crew of asshole vandals presume that they know how to do EVERYTHING, such as mountd, better than the mountd subject-matter experts. And whenever their code causes some problems, the excuse is always the same --- "XYZ's code is broken" -- not only with system, but with earlier projects these jerks have worked on as well.

I am so glad that Linux called them out on that bullshit, when they were doing incredibly STUPID things in the kernel to cover up for the fact that systemd was spazzing out.

There is some very serious Narcissistic Personality Disorder, if not full blown Borderline Personality Disorder going on with that crew.

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Re: Also systemd is the svchost.exe for Linux

Sad, but true. RedHat and Shuttleworth are basically trying to destroy any non-commercial Linux distros.

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Systemd doesn't have enough popular support to replace SysVInit, either. It has a more widely installed base, at the moment, but only because RedHat's goons strategically placed dependencies in completely unrelated software so as to cause systemd to be brought in at system installation time.

The vast majority of Linux machines are run and/or owned by people who wish systemd had never been written... and frankly, that Lennart the vandal had never got his hands on a computer, ever.

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Regarding Lennart

The man destroys more value than what he creates. He breaks things, and then blames everyone but himself. In short, he is nothing less than a vandal.

Acer turns to trains for imports

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Eh, Russia isn't nearly as much of a crime problem as Ukraine.

You're mistaken. Most of the "Russian Mafia" is actually Ukrainian.

If you look at the history of Russia, originally ,their capital was Kiev (look up Kieven Rus). Then the Mongols invaded. During the period of the Mongol Yoke, many of the Rus' fled northward, into what is now Russia -- primarily those who objected to the corrupt ways of the Mongols. Those who were ok with the corruption and outright crime stayed in Ukraine. This is the source of the enduring antipathy that the Russians have towards the Ukrainians.

And I say this as someone whose great grandparents left Ukraine for the U.S. in the first decade of the 1900's.

... because the Ukrainians are eastern Europes land-pirates.

Google pays $51.7m for newspaper destruction metaphor

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Speed of light????


electricity in a wire (or any place OTHER than a vacuum) does NOT travel at the speed of light. Both stray capacitance (which is HUGE on multi-km-data paths) and intrinsic charge migration speeds (which are definitely far below the speed of light) keep the internet from approaching anything close to the speed of light.