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Twitter breaks Jam Festival record

Joshua Davidson

Give twove a chance

Sorry Andrew but Twestival London was a great event and to lambast Twitter in this way shows a complete ignorance of the platforms potential. Twitter exploits the power of digital text in a way unseen in social networks so far to the point that if Twitter didn't exist, we would have to invent it. Which in fact is exactly what has been done when it has gone down. (Which is still too often.)

The fact that it doesn't have a business model is frightening but doesn't damn the premise or the point. The Internet needs services like twitter to glue its amazing facilities for hyperlinks and RSS together with personal human communication.

This enables effective mass p2p learning, cultivates collaboration and renders what is a growing behemoth of information, a social playground for learning.

Although there was a little bit of 'how many followers do you have?' at the event, that shouldn't distract from the positives.



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