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Apple fights iPhone unlocking (again)

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Honesty Filter?

First let me say I DO NOT like Apple or anything that they make. Not because the equipment is substandard - quite the reverse. They make very good devices and software. The reason I dispise them is that they are completely a closed architecture. If the money does not go directly to them then it will go to no one. Thing I cannot figure is how I, as a "Right-Wing, Jack-booted thug" dislike them and alla the "Flower-Power, Left-Wing, Tree-huggers" love them. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Oh well, maybe Hawking can figure that out when he is done with unification.

Here it is - I guess (if you like analogies) this is like going to a gay bar and compliaining about girls with beards. You knew that the people there prescribe to a set of life choices (their EULA - or - End User (no pun intended) License Agreement). If you elect to go in there then YOU agree to abide by their majority / meglomaniacle / Orwellian (whatever you wanna call it) rules of engagement. Personally, I would stay home.

Simply put - If you hate this Apple policy as much as I, then don't get in bed with them at night and cry when you break the day with Satan. Get a different phone - They did not monopolize "phone-putterz" there are other offerings out there.

Anyone that buys the unit KNOWING the contract limitations and then tries to change them is simply as dishonest and self-centered as Apple. Man-UP and don't give Apple a dime.


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