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German amateur code breaker defeats Colossus


During the war...

Great to see this in the news last night on the TV and on the reg :-)

i visited about 4 weeks ago and its very impressive... nicely layed out and man in charge is very friendly and chatty.

well worth a visit!!!!

Man sues God


re: already done....

but was that a fair trial? did he have the right to appeal? and did he have a lawyer?

"Already done...

By Richard

Posted Friday 21st September 2007 12:42 GMT

Of course, many are of the opinion that God has already been put on trial and was crucified after being found guilty."

Microsoft points robots toward point upgrade


thats ok then

cause we all know microsoft would add a kill limit in the programing... or it would blue screen of death....

Postmaster kills off 'free for life' webmail


been with postmaster since near the start

my first web based email accounts have been with postmaster, never had any problems with spam, or any other canned ham products.

i have emails going back to when i started with them, they are all there, and as for speed never seen any issues on any of the 3 accounts, its just a shame you cant have a bulk account system ie pay for more than one account, as in relaity i can only view 1 page at once.

Woman cleans keyboard... in dishwasher


AT keyboard

even works on AT keyboard that is 8 years old now ;-)

still working.... bugger that makes me sound old

SanDisk doubles Flash hard drive capacity


anyone got any of these for real?

been looking for some of these to test, has anyone seen them for sale?

EFF lawyer is smokin' on Google Street View


loud speakers

while not very people friendly, why not do like some pm's do and have loud speakers on the vans, letting people know they are being snapped, then they could all rush out and moon the van !

thus they could not use it anyway as it would offend someone...

or even better you could get all the street to sit outside with bill boards and signs telling google where to stuff it...

BT declares ceasefire in broadband speed wars


sell the copper to china

then replace with fibre, given the price of scrap copper in china i would have thou it would have covered some of the costs of replacing with fibre... but they best move quick...

some fokes said about homehubs, so far only had 5 people get them installed, and 5 fokes who i have had to remove the bt software off their laptops so they could connect to any wireless network other than their homehub, 2 of them have sent them back and replaced with netgear dg834g's, you might laugh but aol had the right idea, take a good router that nurds use and supply that to customers in stead of making something for them selfs. it was cheeper, didnt cost as much to develop and if it all went tits up, blame netgear :-)

Killer Wi-Fi panics London's chattering classes


the problem is ?

been working in a school with wireless now for 7 years.... and no ill effects, i have one at home for the last 6 years, still no ill effects... in fact most of the schools in the area have it as well, and not seen any change in the kids, well other than they are daft before they start school in sept for recpetion...

Train driver asks passengers to get out and push


greenpeace should be happy

at least its eneviromental friendly

Teachers demand Wi-Fi health investigation


@ the comment about childerns health

if fokes are that worried about kids health, stop them playing or watching tv/computer games in bedrooms all night... get them to run about outside in the fresh air ... in fact why do perents spent time with kids??, instead of dumping them in front of the tv, or out on the street with nothing better to do than chav about...

wi fi has been about for years.... when i started in my secondary we allready had wifi nokia network coving the site... theres your long term study... as i have been working here for nearly 8 years, ps we are in the top 10 % of the counries gov run schools.

its more likely teachers issues are not linked to wifi but not sitting correctly in front of laptops or staying up till silly 0'clock planning, marking, and stressing about teaching the next day... not to mention the amount of silly forms, risk assessments, trip letters, internal staff issues, and sickness cover...


Hotmail's antispam measures snuff out legit emails, too


oh well....

postmaster :-) been using it for years.