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Backup: It really should be easy

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And even more

Datacentre space to put the servers,

Power to run them,

Maintenance on hardware, software, licenses,

Expertise / staff to operate the CRM, SQL etc,

Spare staff to cover sickness/holidays etc,

Cloud isn't right for everything/everyone, but it certainly makes sense for some apps and some circumstances.

Apple $10k winner hangs up on 'prank caller'

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Not any more

That tax was abolished when all the bookies moved off-shore to avoid it. They did a deal with the government to come back to the UK if betting tax was abolished - they just pay normal corporation tax on their profits. Good for gamblers!

1kW of sexy GPU love

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Great article, very interesting, thanks,

You could also consider water-cooled racks, which could supply 25KW of cooling per rack very efficiently (as it is only cooling the racks and not the surrounding air). I've used Rittal ones in the past (for blade servers) and they've been fine.

Some consideration is needed for what happens if the rack heat exchanger fails - equipment will overheat very quickly unless machines shut down automatically, and/or you have an automatic door release system and a cool enough ambient air temp to buy some time. Shouldn't happen very often though :-) !

EMC to release hot flood of unifying products

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Time machine?

"...Celerra NX4 and NX3e block and file-access array which has date movers..."

Some kind of flux capacitor presumably?

Dell confirms more jobs cuts in EMEA

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@Anonymous - EMEA

EMEA != East Midlands East Anglia

EMEA = Europe, Middle East and Africa

HP iron still haunted by ghost of Compaq

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"I certainly don't advocate Windows or Linux as the only platforms on which to deploy new applications"

Why not? Beyond really specialist apps, those platforms will run pretty much everything in any kind of availability mode you want. Restricting yourself to just the two OSs keeps the support costs lower whilst still giving you some leverage for negotiation....

NetApp restructures after $75m loss

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Whatever happened to...

...the lawsuit with Sun?