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PS-PHWOARRR: We review Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4


Re: Some day soon? Powerful console? WHAT ?

I am inclined to agree. In some respects both new consoles provide graphics sub par of current PC gaming tech. That is utterly appalling and quite frankly not good enough. If Sony or MS want me to buy next-gen that is what it has to be, this isn't it.

I'm talking about the time I went out and spent a fortune on my first voodoo 2 3dfx card and plugged it in. That jaw dropping moment when 3d graphics became what they are today. And that is the problem, they may have got visually more polygons in them, but the whole gaming industry has gone stale.

Sorry but I want, no strike that, expect every next-gen title to be like running "unreal" for the first time. Because unless it is like that, THAT "JAW DROPPINGLY" OFF THE CHARTS BLOWING AWAY EVERYTHING THAT CAME BEFORE IT, YES THAT MUCH OF AN IMPROVEMENT! it aint next gen.

These hairy fairy 360 and ps3 games on the ps4 and xbone with a few more snazzy lighting effects and reflections in astronauts helmet visors are all well and good, but it aint next-gen.

Its a cop out, that's what it is.........and don't get me started on the ps4's lack of media playback software! *face-palm*

Ofcom makes network operators carry mis-selling can

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Oh yeah

Now they can tell Virgin Media to stop selling their "POINTLESS BROADBAND" with stupid speeds that is capped "RIDICULOUSLY" as 10mb and 20mb when you get only 30minutes a day of those speeds in reality.

Ofcourse traditionally OFCOM has no teeth and the ISP's know it, so nothings gonna change.

Virgin Media trials longer bandwidth throttling

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Great way to destroy your customer base

Virgin media's internet offerings continue to be a joke. Some questions for the lead tech at virgin media broadband.

1. Whats the point offering the 50mb service if your network has to be throttled to cope with the customers you have already?

2. Are you saying you want folks who don't download much to join your 50mb service? If thats the case why would they need 50mb exactly?

3. With Virgin media (as I am currently on your 10mb offering) 1gb per day is pitiful, I have 10mb broadband for approximately 1 hour a day, yet you continue to sell it as a 10mb service, that's not a 10mb service, its as good as you decided to really give me when it suits you.

4. How much longer do you think you can pay off OFCOM to not come down on you like a ton of bricks? Sooner of later you will be stung hard for your continued mis-selling practices.


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