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Can the iPad save newspapers?

Colin Sutton

good news

The ipad apps iht and smh are both free and up-to-date. The iht is us-entric, has quality writers and lengthy articles, I don't know how they are paid. The smh is becoming more tabloid, too many pictures for the sake of it. It's subsidised by advertisers - for this year.

Inventor of the Workmate dies

Colin Sutton

Still going strong

My wife gave me a workmate for Christmas in 1973 or 74, it's a bit rusty but otherwise is still in good nick.

Googlegate: Mapping a scandal of global proportions

Colin Sutton

So, google can see your electromagnetic spectrum?

They geolocate your address by driving past and seeing your house number that you broadcast in the visible frequency; they geolocate your Mac address and your SSID that you broadcast at a radio frequency. If you broadcast your data unencrypted it's the same as a poster in your window: if you don't want people to look you shouldn't post visibly.

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

Colin Sutton

@AC Re: Oops - Argus at AGC

I was fascinated to read that the Argus 500 with my hot backup software was still running the Advanced Gas-Cooled Nuclear Power Station after the 2MB Burroughs Disks were replaced. I debugged the OS on those machines.

One of those Burroughs disks had an intermittent problem when it was delivered, would drop a couple of bits once every few hours. A keen hardware engineer sat looking at a scope connected to the data lines waiting for the problem to occur. He spotted that there was a glitch when the vacuum pump operated - the disc was in a sealed enclosure, with a small window through which we could check how bad the scratches were after a head crash. He replaced a filter across the pump drive circuit, and the drive never lost a bit again.

My help-desk story: I was called up one night at 3am by a power station operator telling me that the printer wasn't working. It turned out it had run out of paper. I led him through connecting up a new box of fan-fold paper and went back to bed. An hour later I'd just got back to sleep when he rang me again: "the printer is working ok now" .



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