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Dell goes on Epyc server journey with AMD

Ian Baker

Presumably 1 TB with a single processor installed and the maximum of 2 TB when both are present?

Seagate's lightbulb moment: Make read-write heads operate independently

Ian Baker

Re: '90s Called...

Yes - my immediate reaction was 'This has been done before'

Hackers hacking hackers to knacker white hat cracker trackers

Ian Baker

Speaking Farsi surely makes them far more likely to be Iranian than Pakistani?

Bloke ordered to remove offensive numberplate

Ian Baker

I remember, years ago...

...seeing the plate O BO110X on a Lotus Esprit. Does that set a precedent?

Intel releases eight-headed* beast

Ian Baker

Rock is *not* dead!

I don't know where AC got his bogus roadmap from, but he should ask a Sun contact to show him the latest public document! The SPARC 64 VII line includes Jupiter+ and Jupiter++, as you'd expect, and the CMT line includes Rock and two 40 nm processors code-named RF (Rainbow Falls - formerly known as KT) and YF (Yosemite Falls).


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