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You did what? The trials of supporting remote users


Turning the tables for a change...

I'm a developer who's also worked as a TME in a previous life, so I can sympathise with IT support. One time, working for a large corporate (who shall remain nameless), the intranet went down. I checked with my local colleagues - yep, definitely not my PC, everyone is affected. I checked with a colleague in another country - same thing her end. So the intranet world-wide for a major company had apparently gone down. I expected alarm bells would be ringing somewhere and that IT support staff would likely be panicing and chasing through patch-panel cables etc., so I left it 30 minutes. But half an hour later, still no intranet. Right, time to phone IT support....

"Ah, hello sir", said an Indian voice (starting to get a sinking feeling in my chest at this point already).

"Yes, I'd like to report that the intranet is down.", I replied.

"So, which office application are you having trouble with?", continued the Indian voice.

"Uh... I'm not. I'm calling to report that the intranet is down, world-wide!", I said in a direct and clear voice.

"So, are you saying that you are having problems with Word?", he continued.

"No, the intranet is down! This is quite important. It's affecting staff world-wide.", I repeated, now really starting to loose hope.

"Ok, thank you sir.", he replied followed by a pause.

Brilliant I thought, it's finally got through to him and he understands.

"So what exactly is the problem you are having with Word?"


... so let's not be too damning about the kernel load known as "users".


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