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Murdoch man who also worked at Scotland Yard ARRESTED


Yeah, I know we have no 5th Am't but these two are US citizens.

So a right to silence has to be called the 5th Amendment does it? Or it doesn't exist?

It's because of tabloid papers and tabloid TV that the UK has an epidemic of idiots who think they went to school with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Let the Murdochs go and refuse to answer questions. There will be bods from Ofcom watching and forming opinions over 'fit and proper' persons.

Those bits of wilted lettuce will be watching the lawyers and the Murdochs pissing away their 40% of Sky TV.

Hunt refers News Corp/BSkyB bid to Competition Commish


"...you cannot fault him for the public's rather dismaying taste in bilge."

A segment of the public like that bilge, a segment he makes grow.

BBC mulls talent Twitter ban to prevent storyline spoilers


The BBC.

Isn't that the organisation that covers it's web-site with links to twitter so you can twit about it's programmes?

Panasonic TX-P65VT30 65in plasma 3D TV


If God ...

... intended us to hang 63Kg TV's on the wall we would still be living in caves.

Glasgow cammer not thrown in slammer


"I'll never understand ...

... why people watch cam copies."

Although losing much of the special effects etc., you do still get the plot and story-line, which is clearly the glory of contemporary Hollywood.


Name and shame fat cat bureaucrats, Number 10 told


ICO boss Christopher Graham's salary was increased to £140,000 a year in late 2007.

Fairly modest in fat-cat terms. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys ...

ICO drops News of the Screws probe


If anyone want's ...

... to find some of the causes of the slow train wreck that is the UK today, look at Christopher Graham and the ICO as well as Keir Starmer and the CPS.

It does not take many such idiots in high places to totally screw a nation. People just like them regulate the banks ...

Woman puts shout-out for hitman on Facebook


Maybe ...

... she should share a cell with Joanne Fraill.

Facebooking juror gets 8 months


I assume ...

... she won't have access to Farcebook in the clinc. Who knows, she may come out cured.

World's biggest ad agency keelhauls 2000 'pirate' sites


Perhaps ...

... all that unused advertising space could now be used to advertise AdBlock+ ?

It would be highly targeted at the people who don't have it.


I knew all along ...

... that ad agencies were beacons of propriety and upright honesty. They are so terribly misunderstood.


Commons hit by rash of laptop thefts


Inevitable really ...

... now they need to be more careful with their expenses, they need to make up the shortfall somehow.

Mine's the one with the watch inscribed "don't let the b*stards grind you down" in the pocket.

So, how does your economy grow?


Judging by what ...

... FIFA get away with, a bit more government there might not be a bad thing.

Porn found in Osama bin Laden compound

Black Helicopters

This sounds ...

... a bit like the human shield wife and mechanically malfunctioning helicopter. I'm glad they blew the git away but the rest of the world does not believe the 'Hollywood ending'.

That's what you get with people who mis-speak.

164XXX jubs shake Middle England

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The doctors who did that ...

... should be struck off.

iPhones secretly track 'scary amount' of your movements


HaHa ...

... Jeremy Clarkson has been carrying his very own speeding detector.

Does plod know about this?

National Identity Card holding chumps have buyer's remorse


No refunds!

If you bought one of these in the first place, you were either a journalist writing about them or an idiot.

The journalists have made a good return on their investment and the idiots will only spend the refund on drugs or a subscription to Hello magazine.

I must admit that I kindle a hope that the list of tw*ts who got one of these appears on Wikileaks.

Google to scrub slurped UK Wi-Fi data


Keystone Cops ...

... let crooks destroy evidence.

Nothing to see here. Move on says useless Quango.

Can we have a "candidate for cutting" icon in this age of austerity please?

Feds may tighten privacy protections

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Click to install anonymity.

"... call for the online industry to develop a so-called do-not-track tool ..."

Presumably it will be some sort of rootkit. Ahhh .. self regulation at it's best.

Facebook set to unveil 'Gmail killer'

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Facebook e-mail users ...

... dumb.f*cks@facebook.com

Toshiba ships Folio Android tablet


Sounds like ...

... a breakthrough in marketing technology to me.

Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'


Maybe ...

... the antenna coating they were going to use was toxic and resulted in high 'casualty' rates amongst those who built it?

Gulf spill to annihilate all earthlings, says seer


It's not funny.

It only needs science to be re-imagined for it to be true, and only then if Mr. Aym mis-spoke.

Where do I send my money to prevent this?

Distie thief gets 14 months despite CPS 'incompetence'

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After following the phorm scandal ...

... the incompetence of the Shite Sherlock's comes as no surprise.

'Bitter' priest blows $1.3m of church funds


A "routine audit"

It took 7 years.

Not really routine then.

Treasury turns to Facebook for cut plans





Now the people who can't be bothered to register to vote can spend hours "dissin'" government policy from an extremely well informed perspective.


Phorm issues shares to raise cash


Easy come ...

... easy go.

Home Office promises spycam review


Here we go again.

"•Enabling the bulk transfer of data between agencies and between the private sector and the police for agreed purposes"

Private sector?

ToryDems stoke ID card 'bonfire'



"Alan, Alan, Alan. Please realise that it was your last-minute renegotiations of said contracts earlier in the year that force us to pay these cancellation fees "

Knowing the contracts were likely to be cancelled, could said gobshite be surcharged?

Google blames Wi-Fi snooping on rogue engineer


Do you honestly think ...

... that if they asked for copies of the data, like the other countries, they would know what to do with it.


Run that past me again.

"I can easily see how this could have been accidental, and Occams seem to show that an accident is more likely that deliberate (because when all is said and done there is no point in recording the extra data being talked about - no profit motive)"

Using Ockham's razor here would indicate that if Google was collecting this information, that's what it intended to do.

It's a snooping, intrusive advertising company. What's the profit motive in providing people with free search and e-mail?

Phorm turns up in Brazil


Big Yawn ...

... please forgive the view of my tonsils.

It's spring. They need to raise more money.

Same old.

Minister: Banks should give ID cards to people with no money


Is there any other kind?

I have a sneaking regard for Estelle Morris who, when Education Minister, admitted the job was too difficult for her and resigned.

Escaped con who taunted cops on Facebook finally collared

This post has been deleted by a moderator

El Reg sparks international incident with Olympics committee


So the USOC ...

... will be farting dust in London with all the CCTV.

Sarko gets crypto mobe after BlackBerry ban


That phone ...

will look massive in Sarko's hands.

Dell crowned Bad Santa computer maker by angry customers


Hmm ...

The company issued a statement on 17 December in which it said that it had been hit by order delays due to "increased demand [and] industry-wide constraints on some components".

If increased demand causes problems, they will presumably be canceling all advertising for a while?

(Where is the naive icon?)

Nuke-bunker-nobbling US megabomb delayed



"As a previous post mentioned the USA could nuke anything they liked with ease"

Just as they could in 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000. The *consequences* today would be just the same.

No more UFO reports please, says MoD


It's obvious.

"It would seem likely that some other branch of government - or other public-spirited body - will now need to take on the task of maintaining the national UFO archives into the future. "

Step up Peter Benjamin Mandelson.

Sarko boosts standing by standing in front of dwarves


How did ...

David Beckham get into that clip at 1:50 ?

US broadband speeds 15 years behind South Korea


@ Isolated Penguin

Many thanks for the insight regarding speeds and connectivity in South Korea.

If you have a minute to spare, we would love to have an insight into what Phorm is doing on the networks over there. If you would like to join in the debate we would certainly appreciate hearing from you.


Stephen Hawking both British and not dead



The UK spends 8% of GDP on health care. The US spends 16%.

People in the UK live longer and we have a much lower infant mortality rate. We are only a bit less fat.

That seems pretty efficient to me and we don't ever worry about medical bills.

Vulture 1: Calling all electronics wizards


Something to check

If you are going for a record flight of a paper plane it might be worth checking with the Guinness people what evidence would be needed. The electronics package would need to provide this. It might also be worth checking their definition of a paper plane.

Would it be possible to get the Ubuntu bloke to just chuck it out the door when he next goes to the space station?

El Reg space paper plane christened Vulture 1


Two non-techy tips

First, do try to pick a dry day.

Second, ask Phorm for advice on launching something and making it fly. (Go on, I dare ya).

Police may have had a duty to notify phone-hacking victims


This will be interesting ...

... clearly, some of the celebs involved have money and lots of it.

I suspect there will be quite a few 'out of court' settlements. If someone does want to push for legal action though, I suspect they will find that access to justice is a lot easier for them than it has been for hundreds of thousands of BT users.

Of course, it's even easier if you are a royal.

BT abandons Phorm


Ahh ...

"I worked on the Phorm project for a few months before leaving CPW over two years ago..."

What a surprise.

If ISP's are not making enough money, they should put their prices up. Simple.

They have spent the last few years 'grabbing' customers at any cost in the expectation that they will be able to fleece them later. What they tried here is taking the piss and you know it.

Tories don black cap for ID cards


HMG should not break a contract.

If there are penalty clauses, then the gov should pay them. Billions if required.

Then wind-fall tax the b******s the same amount + 50%

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

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Any guesses?

Diretectorship of phorm or BT? Experian?

Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'


What about the taxpayer?

That data could be monetised and the whole project paid for by the people who want to sell us willy pills.

Phorm boss blogs from a dark, dark place


@There is a contact us link....

Phorm never respond. That link is just an exercise in collecting e-mail addresses and IP's.



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