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No Gingerbread snack for Desire owners, says HTC

Jack Garnham

Leaving HTC for other reasons.

Funny, my Desire is running Gingerbread 2.3.3 with Sense on top just fine. Suspect this is more about not extending the life of this handset any further than it already has been. Fair enough, it is a capitalist society we all like to perpetuate by buying shiny new toys.

I won't be buying another HTC handset for other reasons though, mainly down to the 6 weeks it took them to replace my handset after it went faulty for the 4th time. Also their most recent line up of handsets is sub par when compared to the likes of the SGSII and Moto Atrix.

Dell Duo to debut in December

Jack Garnham
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I'll buy one...

for home use.

Been considering something to replace the home desktop for a while and this seems ideal as I was previously considering an Anrdoid tablet but seriously doubted I could do without a keyboard 100%.

Both the Mrs and I have work laptops so business stuff isn't an issue but for the sake of our sanity I think we would both like to keep work and home seperate!

I would be very pleased to see an SSD option rather than spinning media and would be even more impressed if further down the line there was some community work to get Android and Win7 Dual booting on the thing.

Blighty's carriers to field Windows Phone 7

Jack Garnham


They've dropped the boat too! As a Windows Mobile to Android convert I will never look back.

Microsoft really need to stop playing catch up and "Mii Too" with their platforms and start pushing the stuff that's truly innovative. Like the Mediaroom IPTV platform.

Apple demonstrates how to do touchscreen desktops

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Nice to see...

Apple patenting something that is truly innovative for once, rather than land grabbing obvious stuff that people take for granted.

Megan Fox exits Transformers 3

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RE: Original.

"The original had Eric Idle, Orson Welles and Leonard Nimoy in it. This new thing had Jon Voight and some kids in it. No contest really."

Don't forget Judd Nelson!!!

With regards to Megan Fox and the Bay Transformers films - not bad to watch with the kids, although my 8 year old still prefers the '84 animated original. Probably because I forced him to watch it, along with Flight of the Navigator and Short Circuit - all my childhood faves! Megan's 5 minute slo-mo running sequence in the dersert towards the end of the 2nd film shall remain the highlight of her Transformers endeavour for me thus far.

'Minimalist, whimsical' Google search given Bing-like overhaul

Jack Garnham

RE: Where?

Did you, um, actually search for something?

Last.fm now offers Less.fm

Jack Garnham

RE: Bloody typical!

I think the Xbox Live service is safe. To use Last FM on Xbox live, you have to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber. I reckon this means that it's considered "paid for", in that MS will be dishing out a cut to Last FM for the service. Or at least I hope so, as along with the ability to stream 720p MP4 files from my media server, Last FM is the second most useful thing to do with an Xbox 360. Joint 3rd are "Waffle Iron" and "Foot Warmer".

Orange backs Intel-Nokia Linux drive

Jack Garnham

Orange Homescreen

Well, if it's the same godawful Orange/Grey homescreen that they insisted on putting on the SPV C550 or E650 I got from them, then can count me out as a consumer of any of these "devices". Thankfully, Modaco managed to de-brand it with a simple cab file but I feel really sorry for all the less savvy users out there who have to suffer Orange's complete lack of design finesse.

O2 claims win in UK mobile broadband speed test

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Going out on a limb...

I am going to defend O2 here, I have been using a Touch HD on O2 for almost a year now and work in Leeds city centre - I have an HSDPA data connection most of the time, and use lots of data - transfer rates seem pretty quick to me.

Street View catches Finn with his pants down

Jack Garnham

@Andus McCoatover

You were stood watching them for 20 minutes? Dirty git.

Parcelforce fails to deliver for Windows 7 lovers

Jack Garnham

Virtual Windows XP Mode?

I wonder if it would work on the built-in XP Virtual Machine in Win 7? Beside the point, I know, but a possible workaround for the meantime.

I also have to agree with AC @ 15:41 - every other service supplier on the internet manages to take credit/debit card payments through https regardless of OS or even Browser version to a certain extent... I fail to see the relevance of Operating System version.

BT's bundles anti-virus failed to download when I was running Win7 RC1 quoting an incompatible OS, but when I spoofed Vista, it downloaded and worked fine for months...

HTC Touch 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone

Jack Garnham


@AC, 22:14, 21/10/09:

"Any tips on a better onscreen keyboard?"

Try FingerKeyboard 2.1 over at [shamelessplug] www.xda-developers.com [/shamelessplug]

@AC, 20:53, 21/10/09:

"I assume that you are, in fact, looking at a Touch PRO 2, you dingbat."

No... the link clearly shows a Touch2 at the stated price, dingbat.


"That also means that they can port TouchFlo to Android when it becomes viable to do so."

TouchFlo, or Sense as it is also known, is already on HTC's Android devices. Notably the Hero and Tattoo.

@ Jerome 0

"...it's worth noting that we used to manage to change orientation on our devices using a clever invention known as a "button".

AFAIK, the screen orientation option hasn't been removed from WM6.5. In the Cooked 6.5 ROM I'm using on the Touch HD, Rotate Screen is selectable from the button mappings settings page. It's not available in the "Screen" settings page, but that can be changed with a registry tweak.

With that done, I'll still stick with Android for the Touch HD - which is well on the way to being day-to-day usaeable now!

Mobile directory made legal threats to get personal details

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4 weeks!?

"Please allow up to 4 weeks for your ex-directory request to take effect."!?!?

I bet it only takes about 4 minutes for a new entry to be added and propagated through their systems, though.

Sony unveils PlayTV telly tuner for PS3

Jack Garnham

Load of Pap...

If I wanted to watch freeview I would spend 20 quid on a freeview box from Asda. I could hardly justify spending the best part of a hundred quid on a USB add on for an already extortionate PS3! Oh but wait, you can record too? Excuse me while I contain my excitement... which is short lived when I realise that there's sod all to bother recording on freeview anyway, you can't even get BabeStation.

At least Microsoft are using their "next gen" console to trial and implement "next gen" entertainment. MS demo'd live streamed IPTV using the Xbox 360 at last year's E3, the technology is only really limited by bandwidth to the home these days (come on OpenReach, fibre to the curb please!).

Downloadable TV content on the Xbox 360 will be available in Europe some time in Autumn according to MS's announcement at E3 2007.

Bad move Sony.

Intel consigns Cornish town to oblivion

Jack Garnham

Oh please...

Do people have nothing better to do than complain about one measly "Penryn" article ranking above their town's website on a Google search?

It's only a Reg Hardware article! Who reads that e-toiletpaper, anyway?

Hang on...

Xbox 360 Elite arrives in US - or does it?

Jack Garnham

Not any time soon...


I wouldn't lose any sleep about that if I were you. Chances are that HDCP won't be enabled on HD-DVD (or BD for that matter) movies in the Xbox 360's lifetime.