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Voda India scraps lawsuit over Facebook rant


Another corporate misfire on soc-nets..?

Seems today that politicians, corporate staff and celebs need to get potty training on Facebook and other socnet usage.

(Ask Mr. Wiener about his chances of becoming NY Mayor now...)

Germans completely humourless: Official


Hasn't anyone ever seen 'Allo, ' Allo?

The Germans were the funniest characters in that.

I found the 2 RAF guy far less funny.

So there.

Cray to build huge, grunting 20-petaflop 'Titan' for US gov labs


Hmm.... 3d Torus eh?

That would most likely cause the 'mini black-hole' that the Hadron Collider failed to deliver.

Just enough time for a pint before the end of the world...

FOSS maven says $29 'Freedom Box' will kill Facebook


I beg to disagree, sir.

After all, Justin Bieber is only 16 or so.

Look at the damage he's inflicted. I fear he's only getting started...


Privacy or piracy?

Back in the Good Ol' Days, it was possible to buy land and other property from more innocent (so called 'primitive') demographics by offering shiny beads and mirrors.

Today we use free e-mail, storage and shiny mirrors (Facebook).

Those for whom their privacy is worthless or 'fair exchange' are destined to become the colonised slaves of these gift-bearers...

Assange fights extradition in court

Big Brother

So why did the Swedish Public Prosecutor dismiss the 'case' first time round?

Only to 'rethink' *months* later after the US spat out its dummy over Wikileaks?

C'mon US of A, show some of that "freedom" and "democracy" that you're always trying to spread in oil-rich countries.... ahem... I mean societies repressed by dictators, communists and other evil.

Choose your poison :

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

~Adolph Hitler

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

~George Orwell

Prosecutors opt for 'malfeasance' over DPA to charge officials


What about this one?

"failure by a common innkeeper to provide board and lodging"

This is also an offence under Common Law. What foresight.

Facebook sells equity: Reportedly valued same as Tesco

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Tesco's iPhone app gets barcode reader


So will they be issuing these iPoons to the cashiers?

So that they don't have to type in the number under the barcode when their own scanner refuses to read it...? :)


National Schools Film Week punts unsafe URL


Picking the nits in the article

Sorry, I know;I'm nit picking here - but if you copy & paste from their own site it says:

"This year’s dates are:

England, Wales & *Northern Ireland* – 14-22 October 2010

Scotland: 28 October-5 November 2010"

You may not realise, it but people generally mean The Republic of Ireland when using the term "Ireland".

You're not alone in this kind of mistake though, as the locals here in The Netherlands generally refer to the entire British Isles as "England".

Ok, enough pedantry for now.


Ballerina canned for flashing her assets


Really, 'Wiener' Magazine...

I think they got the wrong model, or does miss Sarkissova have more features than meets the eye?

[Yes I know 'Wien' is German/Austrian for Vienna]

Cambridge chap's todger topiary gets the chop

Paris Hilton

Phallic vegetables

Just did a Google image search for title above, had to kill the screen quickly, NSFW.

Not the best way to start Monday...

Paris, because she knows how to trim bush

Man vindicated for videotaping his own traffic stop


Just a point about the 'weaving' thing..

I seem to remember (correct me if I'm wrong) that on a 'freeway' in the US, overtaking is allowed on any lane. So no 'undertaking' involved.

Flying gyrocopter jump-jeep gets $3m from DARPA

Black Helicopters


You are quite right. It is an autogyro. I saw rotors and got on my heli-horse. Do-oh!

Black Helicopters

See comment above

My comments were entirely based on my misconception that it was chopper-based.

"most helicopter cabins are not pressurised."

Correct. Nor are they heated. Nor do they have oxygen available.

(I have over 1400 flight hours in various choppers around the world).



Who made those crap 3d images? Or was that before they got their $3.5 Mill to pay an artist instead of someones' nephew who downloaded AutoCAD from a torrent site?

I'm not saying I'm the Leonardo da Vinci of CGM, but there are some very talented artists out there whom I'm sure would gladly do the job properly (just Google 3d gallery, Blender 3d, Maya, 3D Max etc).

Anyway, the thing will never work. At 10k feet you start to need oxygen and it's pretty cold. Even 'normal' choppers have difficulty at that altitude and need to be modified (check out alpine rescue choppers).

With a take-off weight of 5 tons, they will need two turbines which in turn will be most likely mounted atop. As someone already pointed out, this makes the device extremely topheavy and prone to fall over (as big helicopters are wont to do when 'landing' on water).

I also miss one fundamental element in the illustration : where's the tail rotor? What will stop the thing from spinning like a rabid ferret trying to catch it's tail? Or do the two rotors counter rotate? That would be funny to see ;)

Hey...? Where's the Black Choppers icon gone?

Christian group declares jct 9 on M25 cursed


<< (Re)wind up

I would imagine that a VHS video tape would be more convenient as they are much longer.

GPUs slick up with oil sleuths

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Ah yes, Data Acquisition for the OIl Baron's Ball

Did that in the nineties using UNIX servers in a 30' sea container.

The interface was a 9kg Toshiba 'laptop' with a monochrome red-orange display.

With its 32Mb RAM it was a scorcher!

Die-hard bug bytes Linux kernel for second time



Maybe we should just make the kernel 'closed source' and then no-one would ever know about vulnerabilities.

Amazing how the cliky-clicky brigade gets all horny when a weakness in Linux is exposed.

Get a life. :)

ACPO defuses impending photo row with police forces


Upload yer photos

Use something like a mobile phone running Android, upload your pics to, say Picasa (for user-ease; of course a savvy geek will upload them where (s)he likes..).

If plod nicks your 'phone - (most of) your pics are safe, being already hosted elsewhere. They can destroy what they like after that, it's too late :)

This technique has been effective for years in undercover/violent/war-zone frontline situations for TV crews (wireless signal to upload-truck).

Easy :)

FBI faked terror alerts to get phone records


So... let's hand McKinnon over then eh?

After all, the means by which the FBI gathered their charges together was not intentionally loaded or biased or fictitious or dodgy or.....

F.B.I. = Fibs Bu11 Indictments

ACLU challenges US laptop border searches

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Civil Liberties? Monday is MLK day in the US.

But only just. Bush wanted to have that done away with as well.


Swedish Weight Watchers bring down the house


Hell's mouth yawned..

and a few trolls fell in.

Home sec puts McKinnon extradition on hold


Surely Gitmo is being closed..

The vendetta against McK has always been a bit of a drama, but surely with Obama cleaning up the shop he doesn't risk being sent down to Gitmo?

Plus - normal civilised countries have duel extradition treaties which imply that a convicted 'felon' can be repatriated for sentencing..

I am curious to know if any steps have been taken to uncover the identity of the other 5 thousand "hackers" (barf) who also made use of the blue-tak and sellotape security fence around the Pentangle's datacentre... ;)

Eurocrat demands MP3 player volume limit mandate


no no, let Darwinism run its course

But I am in favour of a dB cap on the noise *outside* of the earphone domain.

TomTom goes Jock to abuse English 'bas'


And so does this explain the

100% + increase in share value that TT has enjoyed in the last few weeks?

The plot thickens.

'Norfolk Broads Idiot' nailed on YouTube



I can't believe these retards are allowed in control of powered boats.

In this country (NL) you will get a hefty fine and possible seizure of your boat by the police if you don't have your deadmans cord tied on your wrist.

However, in above situation this Darwin candidate would prolly have been troutbait after one of the 300 footers (barges with up to 2x 1000 bhp) had finished with him.

Just imagine your kids were swimming nearby...

Bloke decapitates horse with chainsaw



I'm no expert, but have witnessed horses being 'put down' by vets / owners using a special 'gun' device, applied to the forehead, that requires a hammer blow to set it off (penetrate skullbone and fire bullet).

This is normally held as the most effective and humane ( = quick) way to put down horses/donkeys etc.

I can't imagine a horse being k.o.'ed with a blow from a hammer alone.

Oh well, enough equine CSI speculation.


I do think it is a bit of a fuss, (I care about animals BTW) seeing as few puke at the thought of a Big Mac, but people get outraged if you show them a bloody cow carcass. Do they think those nice round burgers come from the burger fairies? FFS.

Chinese authorities close fatal net treatment camp, arrest 13



Your application of analytic logic is commendable. No-one had spotted that.

I suspect that Mr Watt is probably speaking from experience, clearly having received only a few fatal beatings in the past.

Probably pussyfoot parents applying a 'less than lethal' electroschock with a Taser.

Mine's the one with Sardonic Police written on the back

Cyclists offered cut-price shag at German brothel


Peddaling their wares..

- chain reaction in times of crisis

- saddle-sore but back for more

- best ride you'll ever have

- polish the helmet

ok, I'm off - mine's the yellow jersey..

Debian rejects open-source .NET threat claim


@Fraser ..

Ok, you got me. Surfin' for pR0n works better under Vista, but I still can't classify that as 'critical'. :P

But seriously: I too have worked in a large Financial IT environment. (Now a govt. owned one). Most of the projects were migrating stuff from windows servers to Solaris/Linux 'cos windows couldn't hack it. Too many hard sums, too fast and the klickity-klick admin interface went blue and burnt out.

Probably could blame the Fin. Crisis on the few Windows servers being used in banks, if we didn't know better.

- Look I actually agree windows has its place, and that is preferably on (someone else's) desktop.


Flamethrower Friday, got a light boy?

@ Matthew Evans : "Linux shines as a commodity cheapie web server O/S , beyond that forget it."

Well, clearly you think all the money is in consumer-based toy gadgets from PC World and Dixons.

That being your world, I can't blame you. But saying that a Ford Mondeo is the best because people don't (want to) know how to handle a Maclaren F1 does not win any argument. If you go and rerun your stats in the *professional, industrial world* where it actually counts, you will see that Windows is just a non-runner. I'm not making this up, I have been involved with the Big Boys for 15 years now, and mentioning Windows in an R&D, Medical, High-Availability, Secure, Critical or Storage environment will just make people laugh, or worse, 'guffaw'.

@ Jason Bloomberg : A good summation of the reality. I agree, but would add that there is little motivation to pander to consumers' desires. Linux is still very much a 'by techies for techies' product, and frankly *doesn't care* if it competes with MS or whatever. There is no market to speak of. Most people can't get their head around that.

Transformers helmsman demolishes English language


never mind the story...

Wahaaaay new icons!!

Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM



Sorry, but this kind of nonsense just makes my blood boil.

I was driving my car on a French motorway when the news broke of the 'clashes' in Rwanda. This mainly focused on evacuations of French citizens, but did report the violence in the streets.

It took 7 weeks before the Western governments decided to react.

Don't even get me started on Darfour.

The comments of GB are an insult to every aid worker and journalist who has risked their own skin to witness and publish news of atrocities as they unfold.


Dutch company augments mobile reality



Android anyone?

Does this already...

Ex-Borland's Delphi owner re-ignites cross-platform dream


I am that developer...

Ah, the Borland days... coding for Paradox db and having to ship the compiler with your product to get that to work... then Kylix failed to take its place where QT now lives.

Aww, what's the point. Android looks like it's going to wipe 'em all out... ;)

Red Hat sticks lawyers on non-neutral Switzerland



Wow, so many people who don't know much about it, but still have a negative opinion regarding Linux.

I don't understand why people turn rabid at the idea of being denied their windows fix.

I sometimes wonder if their fear and anxiety is caused by years of struggling with MS goo, finally getting things to 'work' and now scared witless that anything might change. Because that would mean a reinstall of windows...

I have been MS free for 9 years now, and yes, I have a degree in computer science. However my wife, my kids and my parents-in-law don't. They also all use *only* Linux (from ubuntu to fedora) and none can work with the command line. They don't need to. That is just another myth about Linux.

Look - sure you can do *even more* in Linux if you use the command line, but you don't *have to*. It the difference between having the ability to open the engine bay of your car and do what you like, or not being allowed to know what's 'under the hood'. - Either way you can still just get in the car and drive.

Suggesting that you *must* work with the command line interface in Linux is like saying that in order to drive a Bugatti you need to get out every 5 minutes and readjust the timing belt or modify the valve offsets. That's just plain rubbish, propagated by the owners and manufacturers of Trabants.

Take a chill pill you rabid fearmongers :)


Hacker claims whaling expedition harpooned Steve Jobs

Jobs Horns

Wow steve jobs uses his real name on amazon...

Fancy that.

I would'a thought he'd have a madey-uppy-name like most.

But I suppose ther emay be more than one Steve Jobs...

let's see... whitepages.com:

26 Results matching "Steve Jobs, United States".

wow really?

There IS more than one Steve Jobs in the US.

Wow, now that is shocking.

....Y a w n.....

Ron Howard accuses Pope of scuppering Dan Brown movie

Thumb Down

Having actually read all the comments..

.. I don't have a lot to add.

Except that a self-inflated factually dubious lie based on another self-inflated factually dubious lie, added to some appalling writing and epic fail science, will never ever ever result in a good piece of work.

I'm guessing the poop said NO, mainly because even he has limits when it comes to bad taste.

- Cormac

UFO fleet menaces east London

Black Helicopters

C'mon people it is clear to see that these are...

Plain ol' chinooks flying in formation.

If anyone has ever been under the flightpath of a couple of those twin-rotor monsters, they'll understand why everyone is looking up. They make a serious deep-bass thunk-thunk. So nine of them would be clearly audible over the traffic and general street noise.

check out :


for an example of how they look from a distance.

Now get back to work.

TomTom flexes Linux muscle in Microsoft's face


Go Tom Tom

You were the naughty boys who tried to implement Linux privately outside the GPL but fessed up and made good. Now is your chance to earn a place on the open source round table... :)

Now get on with it, and kick thier FUDdy arses.

TomTom countersues Microsoft


Aaah the mongoose bites the cobra.

Did MS not stop to think about the patents TomTom own, and the fact that it owns just about every digital mapping software company in the world?

GoogleMaps relies on TomTom mapping subsidiaries such as TelsAtlas for example.

Hmmn I just wonder did they bother to check their fudmachine before going in to this battle..

Hope they get their ass kicked.

Sort out this MS FUD about Linux for once and for all.

Eircom to block Pirate Bay


Seem like a niche in the market here...

I, for one, will be investigating starting up my own ISP in the aul' sod soon.

No censorship for my new (ex- Eircom) customers.

Ha-haar me hearties.... avast!

Rogue admin faces court delay


There's bound to be

some political backslash.

He'll be forked if it goes wrong.

He'll have to pick up a foobar of soap.

Chose the wrong path.

His cellmate will just say "ssh..."

Of course we're all root-ing for him.

But the situation is awk ward.

He shoulda done what his momma sed.

And not lost his grep on reality.

Still, he is her spawn.

She did *make* him.

A foo years won't [kill -9] him

But he may end up a [zombie].

What's next for Microsoft's Flight Sim partners?

Paris Hilton

RE : "And let the great multitude of FLOSS fanbois shout in one accord"

Well, don't worry your little head about it... FlightGear has been running on my systems for many years now. It too is FAA approved (and recommended, actually).

Yes, it is open source. (Both win + Linux + etc..)

Paris: 'cos she would never simulate anything.

Woman jailed for texting while driving


This is just sad

Even 21 *years* in the slammer won't bring back the dead woman. I somehow don't think that the texting girl is ever going to sleep soundly at night. At least two lives destroyed, likely more.

Punishment for disobeying a 'rule' and being stupid, does not have to be matched to that of an evil murderer.

Better would be to make these 'stupid' people realise just how dangerous this kind of thing is.

PBX phone phreakers ring up huge bills in Oz

Paris Hilton

@ Ground Rush

What you write is sadly too true. I had an experience a few years ago with an 'Authorised Dealer' who charged 70 quid for *not* being able to diagnose a fault in my car. The "technician's" conclusion was that the engine and transmission were both knackered, repair/replacement would hurt to the tune of 10 grand. I had up to that moment not realised that 'knackered' was a technical term for : "I don't know how to operate the diagnostic tool, so I will never know what the issue is. However for forty grand you can buy a new car from us instead. That'll be 70 quid, thanks."

Needles to say I left the premises rapidly, got a 'second opinion' from an experienced 'old hack'.

He asked me to start the engine. He listened. He asked me to stop and start it again. He listened. Without even lifting the bonnet (hood), he diagnosed a faulty fuel injection pump.

It cost me a replacement pump (three hundred quid+labour), but 260,000 km later it is still going like the clappers. I am still trying to get my 70 quid back from the high-tech 'Dealer'.

Now I do my own diagnostics, or get a semi-retired mech to take a look.

Wow, this is really going off topic...

Paris, to bring it back on topic.

Windows for Warships™ reaches Royal Navy frigates

Paris Hilton

Is there an ulterior plan here?

France's defense system runs mainly on a Linux derivative.

Paris, because even she'd defend her honour with something more reliable than Windows.

Scottish firm pays £120,000 over unlicensed software


Oh the joys of being Open Source for the last 7 years

Mmmm sweet warm feeling.

Bring it, BSA - I'm a-waitin'.

Even my old crap hdds and dead laptops are M$ bloatware free.

The best bit is : I earn my living helping multinationals achieve M$-freedom too.

Last month I just deprived M$ of 800 Office licenses and just as many Windows ones.

Love it.

Ho-ho-ho everyone!

UK.gov resilience website feedback page falls over


Windows as a server - Gaaaaah.

Something to add to the list of illnesses and viruses (viri).

Clearly some scriptkiddie graduated from VBasic to '.NET' and bypassed the need for a formal training or understanding of coding practice.

"Oooooohhh look, I can make wizard dance in Office 2003. Now me export as HTM, cos I iz da bom!"