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Netbook demand surge to slow next year

rajeev bajpai


Display bank says the netbook market will reach to about 26 Million units, and continue to grow by some percentage till the time the research is available. I guess everything is in Netbook favour - the changing consumer perception that enough processing power is available in atom processor for his and he/she doesn't require a bloated specifications machine to get on with his daily chores, the price point which is closer to a mid/high end mobile phone, Ones over dependence on the information on the go. Acer and Asus being the early adopters are surely enjoying the fruits of their wisdom while others have a catching act to do. 9 out of top 10 PC manufacturers (excluding apple) have launched their versions of Netbook which will further explode the market and the market may grow well beyond 26 million units - ---which would only put further strain on the PC companies in terms of revenue and profitability.


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