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Australian court overturns 'Google is a publisher' decision

Mark Eaton-Park

The newspapers are accountable even to people who read their content in a library.

Google are seen by many as an authority so they should be treated the same as other authorites.

Suspected radiation alert saboteurs cuffed by cops after sensors disabled

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: Occam's never ever applies to people

You missed out the most important part i.e. "all things being equal".

People are not equal and can lie for no reason therefore they cannot be considered to be simple especially if they are aware Occums will be applied.

If things were otherwise then there would be no need to investigate crimes, since the most obvious suspect need only to be asked and they would confess.

Mark Eaton-Park

Occam's never ever applies to people

Since people lie and cheat, daily even without a good reason

Fake broadband ISP support scammers accidentally cough up IP address to Deadpool in card phish gone wrong

Mark Eaton-Park

@max allan

you can give me a list but you do not want these countries blocked before they use your bandwidth?

I am quite aware that proxy and VPN hosts currently allow anyone willing to pay access to my area but that is not impossible to change

Suppliers are already at least partially responsible afterall if a crime is commited via your IP address then you are one of the first people on the investigation list. You can either put up with the police at your door all the time or take action to prevent the crime in the first place

ISPs and teleco make money from selling the connection, if they knowingly make money from facilitating crime then they should go out of business.

Internet safety will only become possible once people stop saying it isnt their problem to fix.

Hands up who HASN'T sued Intel over Spectre, Meltdown chip flaws

Mark Eaton-Park

@razorsishl and "Simple... return your CPU and get an upgraded one....."

Well firstly intel do not make a upgraded CPU that is any better and secondly Intel do not accept that they have done anything wrong or the need to compensate their customers. Thus even if Intel were willing to accept some part of the blame it would not be a case of just the CPU, it would be CPU, motherboard, RAM etc because different manufacturers have their own specifications.

Mark Eaton-Park

When do I get my design flaw free Skylake X?

Given that this is intel then never

Hate to ruin your day, but... Boffins cook up fresh Meltdown, Spectre CPU design flaw exploits

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: "effort wouldn't be better expended on something of more value to society."

@Muscleguy and GM is totally a good thing

Genentic modification of other organism for the benefit of mankind is not in itself a bad thing however being allowed to patent the modification and being allowed to drop the "designs" into everyone's environment alonog with saying there are no problems when the complexity inherant make any safety assessment impossible.

Like the Scientist who made a press statement that british beef was "safe" (without qualification), scientists are not free from corruption and everyone knows that corporate bodies will do anything for even a time increase in profits.

Add the two and you get a series of GM nightmares that the corporates are trying to pretend could never happen, they do not know or care they just want the money and to hell with the rest of the world.

Also given that gene mutatation is how we get difference then how can anyone know if an sequence has not occured randomly before and hence impossible to ascribe novelty.

"The US has been eating GM food for several decades now and the bodies continue to abjectly fail to pile up and the goo is neither present nor grey" The US is also not known for being the most healthy country with the most nutritious food and so your evidence that GM is "Safe" is unconvincing especially after such a short period and against the media and legal bias bought by the GM companies.

GM is potentially too dangerous to be allowed to be in the hands of bodies who put profit above all else until we have the proven science to predict and avoid in advance the possible disasters this tech allows.

If you were a real scientist then you would know that absolutely nothing is safe without qualification so I am presuming that you are just messing with things you do not understand and telling people that since you havent wiped out millions yet that there are no problems.

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: "effort wouldn't be better expended on something of more value to society."

@Muscleguy and GM is totally a good thing

Genentic modification of other organism for the benefit of mankind is not in itself a bad thing however being allowed to patent the modification and just dropping the "designs" into everyone's environment pretending things are under control when the complexity inherant make any safety assessment impossible are.

Like the Scientist who made a press statement that british beef was "safe" (without qualification), scientists are not free from corruption and everyone knows that corporate bodies will do anything for even a tiny increase in profits.

Add the two and you get a series of GM nightmares that the corporates and their paid supporters are trying to pretend could never happen, they do not know or care they just want the money and to hell with the rest of the world.

Also given that gene mutatation is how we get difference and is random then how can anyone know if any sequence has not occured randomly before so how can they to ascribe novelty.

"The US has been eating GM food for several decades now and the bodies continue to abjectly fail to pile up and the goo is neither present nor grey" The US is also not known for being the most healthy country with the most nutritious food and so your evidence that GM is "Safe" is unconvincing especially after such a short period and against the media and legal bias bought by the GM companies.

GM is potentially too dangerous to be allowed to be in the hands of bodies who put profit above all else until we have the proven science to predict and avoid in advance the possible disasters this tech allows

page not loading

Mark Eaton-Park

page not loading


only gives tracking gif

It's happening! It's happening! W3C erects DRM as web standard

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: Well you don't actually have to listen to anything W3C says

"as a hedge for the creators" i.e. they are the ones hyping the 90% crap that comes out so you have to watch it all to find the stuff worth watching.

"Increasingly I find most 'content' is designed to get me to watch adverts and is not worth the price." who do you think is paying for and providing the adverts, it isnt the artists it is everyone between the artists and the consumer.

I am all for the creators benefiting from their work but I would just like the option to by pass all the real "freeloaders" acting as middle men. If the artists do good work then then profit by it but the 90% crap that wastes my free time becomes non-profitable and so we end up with 100% good stuff for less then we pay now.

The Great Brain Scan Scandal: It isn’t just boffins who should be ashamed

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: Science as a methodology only works on things you can control

actually I do understand science, lots of things are presented as science when they are actually not. Generally, the higher your level of scientific education the greater your understanding that things are not as simple as they are presented as being.

Some things that we can control scientifically may appear to scale up or down but since we cannot actually control them then predictions upon these systems cannot be scientifically proven.

Some systems have been conforming to statistical models for so long that we assume them to be proven but they are only best guesses awaiting a better understanding than science can currently provide.

If we can engineer systems based upon our fractional understanding then we assume that we have moved forwards but without real understanding we are actually just rolling the dice. When we become so confident in our statistics that we ignore actual results that do not conform then we are loosing the opportunity to really understand what is going on. So I say we should stop calling paradigms based upon statistics science when they are actually philosophy.

Lastly, your examples of the sun and distant stars are indeed best guesses, if you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that already, you would have been better using diffusion or gas expansion where our predictions are somewhat better than the weather. There is nothing wrong when your predictions are on the lines of "it is raining somewhere on the planet" but there is when you say it is always raining in one location

Vendors suspend tech orders as Brexit slaps Brit pound

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: Bah Humbug

Well perhaps you should insist that your pension company doesn't employ rich greedy gobshites to manage your stocks for their school mate's benefit.

Whenever it looks like the rich might get a bit poorer it is time for them to raid the public chest, you know the one they don't pay their share into but always seem to take more than their share out of.

TeamViewer denies hack after PCs hijacked, PayPal accounts drained

Mark Eaton-Park

Well duh

remote admin accessible via the internet, good plan

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why

Mark Eaton-Park

regarding MS ignoring El Reg

I would suggest that MS believe this site to be actively against them, mistaking reasonable debate of the issues that come with this "upgrade" for pure antiMS propganda.

That MS believe that ignoring ElReg will reduce it's significance shows just how out of touch they are with the community and their customers.

The cognoscenti come here for all sides of the arguement so they can make up their own minds about the issue and generally mistrust the marketting types who have repeatedly shown themselves to be damaging to the industry in general.

If MS and apple and any other company wish to remain viable in this field they need to remember they all made money with our support. We, the reg readership, are who is consulted during the purchasing process and even when we are initially ignored then you can guaranty that we will make certain that our "told you so" is heard everytime it goes wrong.

If you wish to retain our support and recomendation then transparity is paramount, if you do not like what we surmise without your input then by ignoring us you are making your own worse enemy.

We are neither blind, stupid nor powerless and treating us as if we were is going to be a very expensive option for you.

So my advice to MS is to remember that few people trust salesmen and others who get paid to promote products, they do however trust us because we are typically sincere and care about this subject for itself and our own self esteem.

Microsoft to Windows 10 consumers: You'll get updates LIKE IT or NOT

Mark Eaton-Park

So you have to update every X months?

So hows does that work for a clean install ?

no OS iso or new iso every few months?

what happens if your machine isnt connected to the web because of security/ offsite installation or because it is just for control, will it stop working without baby sitting?

What happens to a machine that never touches the web and isnt even powered up on a monthly basis

Seems like MS are demanding more access to your hardware than the owner in some circumstances

I understand the idea of microsoft being able to deal with wayward net machines but I would suggest they would be better addressing the cause rather than attempting a future of remote admin and monitoring.

The fact is that windows is fundementally easier to pwn that any other OS and if there are unpatched windows machines out there why instead of abandoning each version as they release the next instead they fix the old OS. Yes it will be expensive but in the process they will learn how to code a secure OS that will allow customers to trust Microsoft.

Trust is a big selling point and after the many exposures in the press of how microsoft have abuse our trust, I would suggest gaining some credibility now before they become complete pariahs would be a better investment. I see that if winows10 continues along it's current path then it will be the last windows ever released.

This version adds nothing that the majority want and adds too much they cannot abide, one more revellation and MS loose everything simply because having someone so obviously looking over your shoulder and yet failing in their duty of care will be apparant even to the sheeple.

Lets be frank and admit that the majority of window's propriety technology is already 25 years old, what happens if it stops being protected because of one gaff too many. What happens when linux can include all the windows tech without the need to consult and noone will trust you anymore?

HP won't ship PCs with Windows 10 preinstalled until mid-August

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: You don't have to use it

Microsoft are changing their business model, all referenced to the word "user" to be replaced with "livestock".

You are no longer a customer you are now a source of revenue

It's not over 'til Saturn's spongy moon sings: Cassini probe set for final Hyperion fly-by

Mark Eaton-Park

So an off centre lump of iron in pumus

Is the magnetosphere being disturbed by volcanos then? Given rotating ionic fluid is on the outside of planet rather than in the core like ours.

German music moguls slammed for 'wurst ever DMCA takedown spam'

Mark Eaton-Park

How about the complainers have to pay for Google's time

If the companies making these take down noticed had to pay google a refundable bond per notice then it would

1) Make the spammers pay for google to employ more people to check out these claims before actioning

2) Discourage notice spam

At the moment this system can remove a websites net presence on the say so of no one at all, there should be balance and a cost associated with wasting people's time for bogus claims without haing to go to court. After all the spammers are avoiding legal costs why not the defendants

Once the system settled down then it would reduce waiting time( more staff handling notices paid for by the spammers) and remove the idea that spamming these notices was cost effective. Eventually Google would only have to deal with real IP infringement.

Sony hackers PINCH early version of James Bond Spectre script

Mark Eaton-Park


Pot/Kettle? http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/containing/1608521

I agree Sony were very naughty with their rootkit but then again those in the know just didnt buy any effected content, again with the other OS and every other attack on their customers.

I understand if you are feeling defensive for the ignorant but the fact remains that the best way to influence a company is by not buying any of their kit and suggesting others do not either. If you hope to enlighten the ignorant then this really isn't the correct forum, anyone who posts here should already know about Sony and not dealt with them in decades.

The real issue here is not Sony's products but the employees who suffered because economic pressures forced them to work for these gimps and are going to be paying for years to come. $1000 means nothing when your whole life has become public domain, I too would advise against buying a Sony product but this hack&deseminate has produced far too much collateral damage when the real target will still walk away unscathed.

If Sony want IP forever then what of their employees, I say $1000/year for life is not enough

"Please ensure the airlock comes to a complete close before pushing the blinking red button. Don't worry, that hissing sound you hear is nothing but your own credibility as an object assessor of technologies hissing away like a two decade-long grudge." I couldn't say it better myself Trev

Plusnet could face DATA BREACH probe over SPAM HELL gripes

Mark Eaton-Park

This seems to be a BT problem

I too have been very careful with my ISP email addresses and with the change from BTyahoo I started receiving spam on my ISP address.

Sacre block! French publishers to sue Adblock maker – report

Mark Eaton-Park

AB+ ? nah I used noscript the pinacle of paranoia

I tried AB+ when it first came out but never trusted it, right now I can't remember what my cause for concern was however noscript has served me well since its appearance and doesnt just pretend to block ads.

BIG FAT Lies: Porky Pies about obesity

Mark Eaton-Park

"I think what's interesting here, is how the Beeb et al simply repeat whatever lies they're given without even attempting to analyse the report as has been done by The Reg.

Can't they get the staff or just too feckin lazy?"

No the BBC does what the goverment tell them hence they are in on the plan, divide and conquor and the UK can provide a victorian workforce within a generation.

Pixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: Value for money?

Downvoted why? Chris posted that for him the price/functionality ratio was not worth his investment, he didnt say is was bad meerly not what he wants, fascist down voting is becoming a problem on the reg it seems.

Revealed: Malware that forces weak ATMs to spit out 'ALL THE CASH'

Mark Eaton-Park

Given that they had full access then the OS means nothing at all

As in the previous comment, techs have replacement motherboards and no doubt with a quick download of any onboard cryto firmware they could have just put in a new board with the malware onboard with maybe radio controlled cash payout. EM Shielding means nothing when you can add a handy aerial outside of cage

The security problem here is access to the ATM and the hardware, even if they improved any onboard crypto thieves need only ramraid to see the new generation of atm board.

Personally I would have everything controlled by the back end with seperate remotely controlled hardware for cash dispension but this would just return the thieves to credential capture and again the onus would be on the account holder to prove they were not implicated. Other than moving all the crypto hardware to the bank card then the ATM are always going to be the weakest link

Ultimately whilst there is easy money to be made then expect more of the same until the insurance companies stop buffering the banks

End of buttons? Apple looks to patent animating iPhone sidewalls

Mark Eaton-Park

So if you lay the display flat then

it is just the same as side bars?, if they had at least given them a tactile effect employing high density solenoid controlled pins instead of yet more wasted displace space then that would have been novel and something the blind could have used to good effect.

The infinite texture concept has been donated to the public domain so too late apple don't both stealing this one

High court finds Newzbin's 'ops' man liable for copyright infringement

Mark Eaton-Park

Convicted on chat history?

Hmm and the Judge makes his bias plain with his insistence that any chat provided by a co-accused can be seen as evidence.

The law is what you can afford

A BBC-by-subscription 'would be richer', MPs told

Mark Eaton-Park

As to I player, every license payers gets a license not exactly hard to make them log in with their credentials to watch via the internet and sell access to international viewers. Yes UK license payers could sell the service on but they do this already via VPN servers in the UK and they cant be bothered to lock this down. The IP addresses of VPN servers must be really difficult to block but then again the BBC have a captive audience so why would they bother collecting cash from international viewers

Its all lies, the BBC want their hand in your pocket and treat you as a criminal if you wont subscribe.

The BBC inhouse content just isn't that good and certainly not good value for money, I personally would rate channel 4's own content over everything I have seen on the BBC for years and they only get a fraction of the license fee.

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: Please tell me Murdoch hasn't bought El Reg........

No it is simply that many people posting -ve against individuals who have expressed personal opinions believe that like the license fee they shouldn't be allowed not to love the BBC.

From reading these posts it is clear to me that there are people who feel that the BBC does not serve them and many feel oppressed by the same body that is purportedly providing a tailored service.

If the BBC is so deaf to their audience then why should they expect to be heard in their time of need.

Many don't want the service and the problem is how the BBC and its agents deal with this, rather than finding out why they ignore their customers I assume because they care little for what thei rcustomers say.

The BBC like all the -ve posters to do not respect an individual's right to choose or have an opinion different to theirs and instead do a church of Scientology on thereg.

Mark Eaton-Park

What people are forgetting is...

They could sack:

1. All those employees who go door to door attempting to intimidate people into buying a license for a service they don't use

2. Crapita

these are where they make the big savings along with not having to pay the independent broadcasters a cut of the license fee ( not mentioned I note).

To me sacking those badgers would make it all worth while, yes they are paying that ex-SKY scum too much money, i.e. anything at all, however if it means one less group of people banging on my door demanding my attention, I am all for it

Sorry I meant I would still pay the BBC, honest, I really really would continue to pay the technology tax

Hacker backdoors Linksys, Netgear, Cisco and other routers

Mark Eaton-Park

Weird not one word of how the the company ....

... that left a back door in their firmware is to be held responsible. These were not low end kit by the sounds of it so it would be reasonable to a expect a payout of some kind from the hardware manufacturer, the onus was on them to do minimal validation checks, clearly they didn't so whats to stop them leaving holes next time

Android antivirus apps CAN'T kill nasties on sight like normal AV - and that's Google's fault

Mark Eaton-Park

With regard to android permissions

It would be nice for Google play to limit permissions on paid apps to the minimum required for the application's function and on the "free" apps side I would require the authors to specify where the monitoring information is going, especially where this data is leaving the area of data protection provide by your local legislation, supposedly a requirement in the UK.

That they do not is part and parcel with whom is providing the service, surely is cannot be a surprise to anyone that Google care little for your privacy when they are so forward in pointing out that they make most of their money on advertising revenues.

As to security issues with jail broken android images, they do exist so long as you don't compile your own image from scratch using drivers direct from the hardware manufacturer. The lack of driver availability is where the problem usually arises especially where the hardware manufacturer has a vested interest in keeping you on their image i.e they are getting a cut from data leaked by the device you paid for.

So unless you have jail broken your android device and rebuilt it manually from scratch with known good code (ideally some other Linux ) then you should not be trusting it with anything you do not want to see in the wild.

Meet the 'KARDASHIAN Phone' – what Apple bods nicknamed the iPhone 5s

Mark Eaton-Park

I blaim Kenney Everett


Taking Dell to court

Mark Eaton-Park

I wonder if .......

...... Dell would have taken more interest if the OP hadn't been scuttled by his own side, see http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/10/29/alienware_gaming_dell/

The article dates are interesting

MPA gets court order to block UK access to 2kmovies and download4all

Mark Eaton-Park

MPA gets court order to block UK access to 2kmovies and download4all



I am surprised that thereg didn't have their own coverage but I am interested in how the MPA managed to get a court order when no UK law was broken.

As far as I can see, movies2k for example is just another site that hosts external links to content that the MPA is wasting money trying to hide.

My understanding of UK law from the recent ruling was that unless clients are also hosting the copyright content then they are not in breach of copyright and so how did the MPA manage to push their agenda for Chinese-style Internet censorship via British courts?

Privacy crusaders: ISPs in 'conspiracy of silence' over Snoop Charter

Mark Eaton-Park

@Ben Tasker ".......been streaming files full of 0's just for the fun of it"

truely a case of having nothing to hide

Nanowires boost photovoltaics sunlight capture by 15X

Mark Eaton-Park

Re: Great . .

Thats easy, just pop on the roof and turn them over

BT's 'six-month free broadband' offer is a big fat FIB - ads watchdog

Mark Eaton-Park

still advertising this "deal"


I guess BT don't have to pay any attention to the ASA at all

Valve hauls down The War Z, offers refunds

Mark Eaton-Park

The only thing abut this story that is unusual is ...

......that they got a refund from Valve.

Many games on steam failed to work as per the marketing, off the top of my head Most EA games and Stronghold 3 was one of the worst ones I heard about recently.

The standard excuse is often that the distributors forced the developer to release on a particular date regardless of the state of the product.

Unfortunately the "complex software comes with bugs" lie is so universally accepted that they get away with it and just laugh at all the people complaining in the forums. To anyone who wants "that" game then my advise is to buy it retail, that way at least you can always just take it back as unfit for use.

With steam your T&C says you own nothing not even the media, this as when you buy a steam game you are just "renting" its use on the steam "service".

The steam agreement must be one of the most offensive pieces of legal cack out there intended to limit customer rights and removal all responsibility from valve and steam, have a look:- http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/

You must agree to this to play on steam as well as agreeing to allow them to sell your personal information without restriction.

Apple granted patent for microphone silhouette

Mark Eaton-Park

yes I have evidence of prior art

My crappy labtec speakers model LCS-1060 have this very symbol for the speaker socket, very much predating the 4th October 2011 date of apple's however given that the icon is a silhoette of a number of real microphone designs (not owned by apple) and I would imagine very much in the public domain due to age it looks like another example of US companies being able to patent anything they like.

Alienware assimilates Dell FROM THE INSIDE!

Mark Eaton-Park
Thumb Down

It might have been better if ..

the author had titled the article " I actually quite like Alienware rigs even if other people think differently"

If we assume that the reason for writing the article was in no way intended to get for instance a discount on his next alienware rig and was purely to express the authors own experiences then as a Jorno would it not have been professional to do a bit of research and include what other Alienware users had experienced rather than just assuming their personal experience is better because they were luckier then most.

I bought a desktop replacement in 1994, a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo which was effectively a P4 HT 3GHz desktop system crammed into a 15" laptop case. It fitted my needs perfectly, a portable powerhouse and 1bar fire, however when it failed the company support refused to repair it.

This resulted in my never buying anything from FujitsuSiemens again, is my experience and decision more valid than the other owners of this machine? I don't know as I haven't bothered to research other owners experiences or the company's failure rates.

So to me Fujitsu Siemens are a crap brand trading on what used to be a good name but then again I am not a Jorno who writes articles for my beloved Reg so I expect people to make their own decisions.

It doesnt matter if this is the Author's day job or not because from what I see he failed to do it, expert/unbiased or not, now like FS he is a suspect brand who has lost my confidence.

Brain boffins: 'Yes, math CAN make your head hurt – LITERALLY'

Mark Eaton-Park
Thumb Down

Pavlov's Dog?

I am sorry but I give the study a big thumbs down, in my opinion the results confirm nothing beyond the existence of people who were so damaged by their education that they suffer psychosomatic pain as a result.

Vimeo takedown leads to court loss

Mark Eaton-Park

With regard to the story content

I read this as someone who got a payout of tax payer money for a personal dispute with a website that was outside of the courts jurisdiction.

This should never have been allowed to go to court however given that the US do the same I presume this is a way to say no to the US and thier ideas of world wide jurisdiction.

Microsoft tripped up by Blighty's techie skills gap

Mark Eaton-Park

Who wants real programmers?

Computer Science at university should not be M$ compliant IT skills, these are taught in schools.

CS programming should be taught on the most primative systems availible, the turing machine was standard knowledge at 'A' level and a degree needs to go even more primative not forcing programmers into the M$ point and click mold.

If you do not understand the fundalmental principals of computers and electronics right down to the silicon then you are just as user and this is what M$ want, a world without pesky the competition of CSists who put the code before the marketting.

Computer Science Degrees needs to be producing graduates who can make a computer do anything possible without need of someone elses generic system.

Time should be the only constraint on a computer Scientist's abilities simply because if you truely understand how computers work then using someone elses system it just a case of finding where they have hidden the function that you know must be there. (excepting M$ who seem to delight in not including full functionality )

So I would say that wasting time training to use any M$ system at UNI is actively retarding the learning of Computer Scientists

It's ba-ack. Exploit revives slain browser history bug

Mark Eaton-Park

No fair blaiming IE for working as it should

This example works by timing how long it takes the browsers to render the display, if the site has been cached then it is going to load quicker. This is a functional benefit to most surfing so yes you can turn of caching, most people have a decent connection now but the next "vilnerability" will be DNS caching shall we turn that off too?

If you have problems with using noscript then dont but as the previous post points out dont come b1tching to us that you failed to take reasonable measures of protection.

Flash get my votes for being worst vector

Elite coder readies £15 programming gadget for schools

Mark Eaton-Park

Shame on you Tony.....

...didn't you used to write for acorn user? you should remember that Elite was revolutionary in its say especially the graphics mode switching and getting the tape version to fit in memory.

I agree completely with David in what he says about UK IT education and this is the reason that the best low level coders today that are under 40 are not English..

All those people who say game dev hasn't suffered are forgetting that the game engine is typically coded in assembler rather than a complied language.

So yes, I will be buying one for my kids and they may even get to have a go, "in a bit. Daddy's just needs to check it's set up right"

ICO drops BT, ACS Law probe

Mark Eaton-Park

time for Viviane Reding to step in again?

What about ACS:LAW putting this information into the public domain it wasn't hacking it was incompetence that led to its release.

The ICO never have the public's interests in mind and act only to protect and provide for big names or old school friends

Disconsolate Spanish smokers driven out into blizzard

Mark Eaton-Park


no production of alcohol is not illegal see http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/channelsPortalWebApp/channelsPortalWebApp.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pageImport_ShowContent&propertyType=document&columns=1&id=HMCE_CL_000245

'Porn lock' heralds death of WikiLeaks, internet, democracy, universe

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This is a Tory Government - Follow the Money

The Tory Government's motivations are always money, I imagine the local porn kings are a bit annoyed that the content they became rich selling is now being given away for free.

This is not about saving the children this is about improving the market for Tory porn marketeers.

Top 500 supers: China rides GPUs to world domination

Mark Eaton-Park

Ceepie Geepie?

SeePoo GeePoo surely