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Click this link and you can get The Register banned in China


Guys, don't pick on dear leader, Shénjīngbìng 神經病. He's very sensitive.

Chinese smartphone cable-maker chucks sueball at Apple


Re: Beijing Intellectual Property Court

Fast and loose is one thing, but having a branch of your military setup for stealing IP is another.

Yes, China has this...


Chinese bloke cycles 500km to get home... in the wrong direction


Re: If only all coppers were so nice

I guess you've never taken just enough to cover what you wanted to do that night, and no more, as a way of controlling your spending? Also, what a caring society we live in when 2 people walking down the road can't get help from passers by. Doubtful they were still drunk at that point and probably just looked tired. As for the professional public titty sucker, he could have given them a ride. It's not like those guys help pay for that titty sucker's salary. But no, the titty sucker is SO much better than the tits he sucks from. At least these 2 guys weren't drinking and driving, and the titty sucker could have been thankful for that and given them a ride. But no, he chose to be an arse instead. Great way of building public relations. To top it off, the titty sucker was probably going their way anyways. Arsehole titty sucker...

Orange customer clobbered with SIX-FIGURE phone bill


Gee, isn't it funny that if you wanted to make that kind of purchase with your credit card,

you'd be speaking with the credit card company at the time of purchase, but if you wanted

to rack up a bill like that on your cell phone that the company wouldn't call you and let

you know that you are racking up a bill like that?

Shock surprise that there isn't any consumer protection laws to protect the consumer from

the "phone" companies.

Darwin alarmed by six-legged mutant cane toad


Re: Spider-frog

Why the French? The Chinese are much closer and there are a lot more of them. Get a bunch of Chinese medicine doctors to say that it makes your penis bigger, or gives you more "staying power" and you'd have hoards of Chinese come in to catch them all. The cane toad problem would be solved in less than 5 years...

Dirt 3

Thumb Down


Arrrg.... the music in Dirt 3 puts me to sleep! When I played Dirt 2, having the rocking tunes come on when I finished the race made me want to see the replay. Now, I just want to click continue right away, can't be bothered to be put to sleep by what ever they put in there for music that goes with it. Seems like the production budget for Dirt 3 was slashed horribly this time around.

Now I know some of you don't really care one way or the other for the music, but it adds to the gaming experience. As I don't have a DX11 capable video card, Dirt 2 and 3 look mostly the same and play the same too, so one has to look at what else is packaged with the game. And to put it bluntly, what else they packaged with Dirt 3 is crap compared to Dirt 2.

As for the Gynkhana junk they threw in there, it's damn hard to do well in those levels when you use a keyboard to play. I know, if I like racing games I should get a steering wheel, but I have more important things to spend my money on.

Mass mind control artist condemns El Reg to obscurity


A quote about Rush

What's the difference between the Hindenburg and Rush Limbaugh?

One's a flaming Nazi gas-bag and the other is a dirigible.

Godwin FTW!!

Canada prostitution laws pulverised: politicians apoplectic


Heh heh, spanking...

I like that quote, I'm going to spank some ass, Legally!"

Kinda got me excited, thinking of a sexy woman spanking my ass.

Then I saw this...


Now I don't feel so excited anymore...

Judge trounces Register.com in Baidu.com hijacking case


They're screawed...

Register is going to get a pounding over this one. I guess it also doesn't help much that their judge's last name is "Chin", as there could be some racial preference towards Baidu in this case. Unless someone can tell me that a last name like "Chin" != Chinese...

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry


The stewardess is a biatch

A post above mine thinks the guy is lying, and I believe that the stewardess is just being a bitch to this guy for some reason or another. A loyal first class passenger is really going to ask if there are police on board? Um, I'm not even American and I know that there are police on every American domestic flight, so why would he ask this? No, I think the real reason is that this guy has probably pissed off this stewardess in the past (remember "loyal first class customer", probably flies a lot) and she wanted him off the plane and made up the "police story" to get him kicked off.

FCC rescues American football fans


Gee, I wonder...

What would most Americans do if they had their most beloved tit yanked away from their mouths? Best not find out and let them lie all comfy on their chesterfields...

Fed chairman hit by ID thieves


No sympathy here...

This couldn't have happened to a more deserving person, as he helped set up one of the biggest frauds of all time!!!

Public rejects Time Warner metered-bandwidth tests


Boo Hoo Hoo

Aw, poor little Time-Warner is having problems getting the suckers, err marks, um customers to accept their metered rip off service. "But we need that money so we can upgrade our lines when our lines are too full", they say. I say that's BS, what did ya do with the money the US government gave you? I know, spent it on hookers and blow. Doesn't mean anyone should care about your whinging. Or what about the nearly 4 BILLION dollars you received from your customers last year? Some how I doubt that your payroll and maintenance for the network is over 3 billion. I'm guessing that with a large city the yearly payroll/maintenance shouldn't be more than 3 million/year and that with smaller cities, the amount should be a lot smaller. With the smaller cities I'd think you'd be able to get by on 1 million or less. Why? Because I some how doubt that you have large call centers in each city you service. Also you probably don't have on average close to 20 cities per state where you have offices with these call centers. I know I'm trying to give what I think is a real guesstimate to what their costs are, but does anyone think I'm too far off?

The real point I'm making here is that they've made up some new plates to print money with and they're eager to use 'em.

UKBA to exchange fingerprints with US


For the Sheeple

I think I'd rather that people who do run into problems with the law have their details updated with their passport information than subject everyone in this dragnet. Is that really too hard to ask for? I understand the passport information and and a criminal records are kept in separate databases, but in this case, wouldn't it just be a matter of the criminal database forwarding data to the passport data base?

The whole point of this is that I believe this to be an invasion of privacy for me to give up my finger prints just so I can enter a country. I firmly believe that you take finger prints from people who are under strong suspicion of having committed crime, or have committed a crime, and not just for believing one MAY commit a crime. This finger print harvesting is disgusting and is just another way of IDing us like heard animals.

Don't forget to say "MOO" or "BAA-BAA" (your preference) when they take your print to cross a boarder requiring this

LG fu**ed off with swearing


re: James O'Brien

I love the politician shock therapy idea! I think I'd even buy about 5 or 6 extra TVs so that I could have them all over the house so I'd never miss a second of it. Even better I think the politicians should have the the shock devices hooked up to their genitalia for that extra bit of pain and in hopes that they won't be able to breed after. Though I'd hate to be the poor fellow that had to hook up Wacki Jacki.

For those in America, google search pictures of Jackie Smith UK MP.

Let the class action suit for mental trauma begin in 5,4,3....

Leaked memo says Conficker pwns Parliament


I'm surprised that you're surprised....

While I agree that these computers should be locked up tighter than a nun's c*nt, just think about the reality of the situation. I could just imagine how many a situations like this could have happened.

For example...

MP luser - Hey, I want to bring in my computer from home and I want you to connect it to the network, also I want to be able to use my MP3 player on my office computer.

IT staffer - Um, sorry sir, that's not allowed.

MP luser - What did you just say to me?!?

IT staffer - Um, that's it's...

MP luser - do you like working here?

IT staffer - Huh?

MP luser - It was a simple question. I said do you like working here?

IT staffer - Yes, I do sir.

MP luser - Then you'll forget about what you think I'm not allowed to do and do what I told you to do! Better have it ready fast too. I want to transfer my Michael Bolton collection that my son downloaded for me from my MP3 player to my office computer before tea time.

IT staffer - Yes sir...

US mums sue anti-sexting crusader


I'm surprised...

That no one has gone to the trouble of trying to set bastards like these up with "being in possession" of child porn. I think the best pics would be the under the skirt pics of a Catholic school girl or to have them in in a semi undressed state with the heads cropped. Of course you'd have to be sure to send the pics when these bastards are out it public and others can see them looking at their phone at the time, so that there are witnesses to the event. Shouldn't be too hard to do if you get his cell phone number and use a pay as you go phone. Just be sure not to send the pics from places you often go to or live at and not have the phone on in those places either. That way they should never be able to trace who did it.

China bans YouTube again


re: Scott

While I too would love the idea of banning trade with China over their insane thought police government, it won't happen. Just take a guess of how many things you buy are made in China, and how many big western businesses have factories there? Also, imagine how much those businesses would jack up the prices on their goods if they couldn't make or buy parts for their goods from there? The only way that the ban would have worked to our benefit would have been if we never begun trading with them to start with.

Not really sure about how "evil" the CCP really is? Google search - Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. From what I've been told, this is written/made by someone from China. Here's a few links to get started


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8oaUepvc70 part 1a of 9

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58QmbCrZ844 part 1b of 9

Taiwan bails out memory makers


Good for Taiwan...

I'm glad that the Taiwanese government is willing to step up like this and is not just writing a blank check to give to these companies, unlike what the US has done.

However, I'm curious, is the US the only country that has written a blank check to the banking industry, or are there other countries that have followed the same "business plan"? What about transparency, have other countries who have given aid to their financial economy been open about where the money is going?

US court urged to block warrantless GPS tracking


Bring on the personal GPS tracking!!

Why is this tech being wasted on cars, when the "law" could insist that everyone must wear/implant these things. I've got nothing to hide, so nothing to fear. The "law" always has my best interest at heart, and would do nothing to hurt a law abiding citizen like me. Just think of the added benefits of having a personal GPS unit. The data could be sold to 3rd parties too, like advertisers and insurance companies, who would also have my best interest at heart. Just can't wait to be hooked up to the GPS grid so I can feel safer!!

Pirate Bay supporters ram Swedish IFPI website


Did any one stop to think?

That the IFPI "hacked" their own website, or that they or other "interested" parties did it on their behalf? Having their website hacked doesn't make The Pirate Bay operators look like the good guys in their trial with their site being hacked. Even thou one of the members asked for this to stop, all it takes is the prosecution to accuse them of it in trial, and the jury hears it and thinks "Oh, those Pirate Bay guys must be in the wrong, they had their friends hack a website".

It's been done in America before, the RIAA/MPAA has had their cronies do some dirty work for them to help their cause and make make p2p a pain in the a$$

RIAA hired hackers to infect P2P users and websites

http://www.dmwmedia.com/news/2003/01/15/riaa-denounces-claim-it-hired-hackers-to-attack-p2p-systems [dmwmedia.com]

TorrentSpy says MPAA paid man $15,000 to hack and disrupt TorrentSpy's network

http://www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/7583.cfm [afterdawn.com]

US feds pull travel site offline after hacker break-in


Go back to bed America...

Nothing to see here... Go back to bed America, your government is in control.

US bandwidth gets new caps


CAPS=license to print money

I am soooooo glad that I don't live in a western country anymore. Where I am in Taiwan, I know I've UPLOADED more than ONE TERABYTE in a year, and my ISP hasn't said anything to me about it. I doubt it has anything to due with the fact that I'm a foreigner, as I'm sure they could find someone to contact me in English if they really wanted to, as much as that they really don't care how much bandwidth I use. In their terms of service, I've never seen anything about "usage policies". If I was in almost any western country, my ISP would have screamed bloody murder about my usage, cut off my access within 15 days of seeing this kind of usage, and rape me for over-usage charges.

Most of the ISP's seem to be working out a way of being able to get money for nothing. If one looks at the structure of the internet, the actual cost of sending 1byte or 1,000,000 bytes is the same, in regards to the amount of electricity and maintenance spent, as I doubt routers are made to go into power savings mode when not being used. And how much can maintenace really cost? It's not like routers need to be serviced over X amount of bytes have gone through it, like a car does after it's gone X amount of KM's, and nor do the lines that the bytes go through. Sure, it costs money to buy the equipment, and have people around to keep things running and fix problems, but these are fixed costs.

This does not include the "peering" arrangements made by the "tier 1" backbones, which is the start of this "license to print money" scam. I say it's a scam, because if you look at my explanation above, it really doesn't cost anything to send data from one network to another, other than the fixed costs. I'm sure by now someone is asking "Ya, but how do they make money if they don't charge for the data?". Isn't that what a service contract with a customer gives, which is money to the company who provides the line for a monthly fee?

The ISP's have set themselves up to be the next "vampire bill", meaning that they'll take their "blood money" to provide you your internet, that most people will feel that they can not do without, much like TV cable or telephone/cell phone service. And these "vampires" take as much blood from you as they think they can get without completely killing you. Sure one can decide not to "feed the vampire", but most choose to do so because life would be "too hard" by not feeding the vampire.

- for those of you who think this is too crazy, it's because you are used to being fucked over and over in the ass like this and know of no other way of life. You may as well ask for your monthly air usage bill for breathing right now, because that's where we'll be headed if we as a people keep accepting this corporate greed controlling our lives.