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USAF slammed for pranging Predators on manual

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Evidence please - just a little would be nice

AC1 said: My Dad was as an RAF sergeant pilot until shortly after WWII ended. The RAF had realised a natural aptitude for flying and navigation skills were more important than coming from a "good" background. According to him as soon as the the RAF had a new intake of ex-public school officers sergeant pilots were grounded and reranked despite their experience. So I'm going with the "la-di-da" pilot theory.


Hmm - evidence from anywhere? Just a little?

Her Majesty's CIO braces US for Obama HIT

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As reported: "Today it's very, very common in a rural area to speak a hundred different languages - in the city it's always been 150, 160 languages" before asking the assembled CEOs and CIOs, "How many of your websites are in 150 different languages?"

Multiple dialects are not, as far as I can see provided through government web sites. In fact I would be very interested if our government CIO can point me at any significant UK government organisations site (say HMRC?) that provides more than English and Welsh as core languages for *all* of their pages?

Thumbs down for another well paid government consultant.

Could we have a new emoticon, say two balls hanging down - clackers (for anyone old/sad enough to remember)?

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Now this explains

why we have a public IT system for the NHS that is such a mess. Living in a rural area I am going to have fun today trying to identify all of those languages and map them into the 'many' languages that government portals support.

He might have been a little more honest. A badly scoped, specified, planned and executed information service for the NHS. And stand up who should take the bullet - yup her Majesty's CIO.

Texting peer released from prison

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Texting and driving

At least he had the decency to plead guilty. Unlike most of our politicians a sense of context if not culpability seems to have beckoned.

Beyond any reasonable doubt, it is difficult to demonstrate that a text conversation had an impact on his concentration leading him to kill someone. Not knowing the content and context of the messages can not help.

Surely though, any reasonable person might conclude that traveling at those speeds, engaging in a text conversation ( audio seems bad enough) would impair the judgement of any driver. And lead them to kill someone.

Politicians just seem to get away with murder these days.

Paris - because she is just as thick.

MP wants Welsh text on ID cards

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Re: "Wales is no more a country that Yorkshire."

>True, everyone knows Yorkshire is a republic.


God's own republic I will have you know