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BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors


They all do this

They sell the projects as "Offshore" with their related cost savings, fail to deliver because they can't manage people sitting around a table, never mind on another continent, then pull the developers in so they can flog them senseless locally till the project's delivered.

They just have to remember to send them back before their visa's expire / get complicated...

Sikh coppers request bulletproof turbans


Religion & History

Why are people chiming up with "How can they be religious and carry a gun" as religion and killing are mutually exclusive? If history is anything to go by it tells us that religion makes it EASIER to kill people (crusades, inquisitions, honour killings, 'terrorism', etc).

"Forgiveness" makes it all possible.

Home Office to keep innocent DNA samples


One problem with databases.

Is often user's have a very poor understanding of set theory, and eventually will believe that "SELECT * FROM GuiltyUntilProvenInnocent" is an accurate and acceptable subsitute for actual investigation and evidence - why bother looking for suspects not in the database when you can just expand your WHERE clause till you get a shifty looking supsect match.

There is a prevailing "CSI on telly" attitude that you can get a 100% accurate database record in seconds, including their name, picture and what they had for breakfast, in seconds from a magical system, the GUI of which would actually display the records its searching in real time for your users delectation!!! In reality I am sure the databases are not that clean, the algorithms to match are not that infaliable, the GUI's not that ridiculous and the operatives not that smart (or attractive).

Conservative US shock-jock to sue Wacky Jacqui



One language? They've already ruined the one we gave them!

(Ignoring the irony that English itself is based on the languages of Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans who could all be considered immigrants!)

Meet Phorm's PR genius


Liquidated Phorm Assets?

"the possibility that it will simply flame out, and a surviving company - perhaps BT itself? - may buy the technology on the cheap from the receivers."

SOLD! to a Ms J.Smith...!

Number 10 doubles as 'House of Flying Nokias'


Gallows humor


Now there's a thought that stimulates the "green shoots of recovery" in my soul!

Private ID scans leave fetish club-goers feeling exposed


What disgusting perverts...

... these voyeuristic ID card imposing obsessives are.

Darling banks on offshoring to save UK plc


Martin Reed recommends offshoring?

Not a surprise, as it worked SO well at LogicaCMG prior to his exit.

So the notion is to push even more jobs (and our personal data) out of the country?

Can we offshore the Government & civil servants instead?

Software generated attendance letter about dead pupil


Data protection act.

States - "Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date."

Or was complying with the law not part of the original bid for the work, and perhaps added as a billable change request later...

Mind you - how most of these consultancies manage to comply with the rest of the DPA for instance "not transmitting the data outside of the EU" whilst developing the systems off shore is beyond me...

Sex crime 'lie detector' pilot could prompt wider use


Televised screenings

The Jeremy Kyle fans would love it...

Guns N' Roses blogger faces music prison


Promo royalties.

They should pay the guy for all the free advertising he's given them... the album would have sunk into obscurity completely if it wasn't for this court case.

Apple preps Jobsian magic wand


Temporal Warp?

Are they planning to send this patent backwards in time?

Teen sacked for 'boring' job Facebook comment



Bored? I barely made it through their mission statement without nodding off.

I wonder how many of their employees on the "China. Tawian and Vietnam" side of the operation are bored with their jobs.

Dominican lad suffers six-day stiffy


"the usual treatments"

At least he didn't get "The gush"

Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time


When subs collide

Given that these stealthy nuclear deterrent submarines are supposed to be undetectable - isn't this collision "by design"?

Police pursue crime suspect by Wii avatar



The Wii Foto-Fit!