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Pro-Heathrow demo challenges Carbon Cult killjoys

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I always wanted to visit

I understand the world is a large place full of wonder if we think about it a 100 years ago, flight across the oceans were just a dream, instead they used tons and tons of coal to get across. Still less then 50 years ago it was still cheaper to go by boat across the pond but by now they were more modern burning oil not fit for any other consumption. About 30 years ago or the wild and wacky 70's the 747 was born and flights across the Atlantic were affordable. More people in the last 30 years have been to places our grandparents only thought of.

As far as classes, they have the concorde...oops that is right that haughty piece was rightly retired.

I sure wish that information was put in the hands of people that understood what it means. Instead we have the very "knowledgeable" Al Gore flying all over the world in a Big jet to talk to the masses that we are into global warming. The real truth is that it is a way to get rich and stay rich by keeping the working class scared. I would love to know how much carbon old Al put into the air.

Today though the most important thing is that we have a way to get the information to the masses that not one generation has Facebook...no the internet. I sure wish some of those great inventions of WWII which has stayed buried within GM for fuel economy was allowed to see the light of day. I have heard rumors of gas and water mix that works wonders but of course they have yet to go belly up.

Maybe one day I will make a trip to europe and see the world. but I am sure Al will see to it that it will be on a rubber band powered airplane....

Pirate Bay prosecutors get jiggy with charge sheet - again

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google, Live and yahoo

All of those have a better search at torrents then PBT do and yet none of them are in the case....maybe it should be "let's pick on the little guy"

Paris because when I googled her torrent I got Results 1 - 100 of about 1,890,000

Two papers about the Hell Desk

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Like the CFO or the CEO is going to listen to this....

Uncle Sam buys 20 petaflops BlueGene super

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Nice to see my fine tax dollors go to a machine that can figure out how big a blast is but not how to fix the economy.....

Paris because she like a good bang