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Be still, our drinking hearts: Help Reg name whisky beast conjured by Swedish distillers and AI blendbot

Josh Cain

surprised this hasn't been said already


It's crazy good.

Manchester pulls £750 public crucifixion offer

Josh Cain

“A chance to wear bathrobes and have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.”


Former Autonomy CFO indicted in USA for misleading investors

Josh Cain


Two words:

Leo Apotheker

Autonomy, and lets not forget Palm. Both were acquired, then dropped trou on.

Charter halts TWC upgrades

Josh Cain

or an acquisition.

You mean I get to pay more for a service that works a fraction as well as it used to? Thanks Frontier! Transporting your data via covered wagon....

Six weeks later, Verizon customers still bemoaning Frontier flubs

Josh Cain

Dare I say...worse than comcast

Until now I would say comcast was the worst ISP I had ever dealt with, but since taking over the reigns from Verizon, Frontier has hands down provided a worse experience, literally from minute one. I have never had more issues with my connectivity. I am counting the days until I move out of their coverage area and back into Verizon FiOS territory(union bitching aside). At this point even comcast is looking attractive again.

Drive for Lyft or Uber in SF? Your wallet is about to get lighter

Josh Cain

One thing that seems to be constantly overlooked...

Every one of those Lyft/Uber drivers has PERSONAL car insurance. If they are driving people around and get in an accident, both driver and passenger(s) are likely to be left high and dry because they didn't have commercial coverage. Look into the blanket insurance policies cab companies have to cover liability, then compare it to these "ride sharing" businesses. As contract workers they have to provide their own coverage.

Next time you hop into your Lyft/Uber ride, dwell on that, and wonder if that was the smell of alcohol on your drivers breath.

Citrix asks you, yes you, to write its certification exams and courseware

Josh Cain

Oh Citrix...

You never go full freetard, everybody knows that.

Want to boost your payslip? Get DevOps on your business card

Josh Cain

Cost of living much?

No word on if regional cost of living was factored in. $100k a year in San Francisco will get you a broom closet you share with 8 other smug hipsters, or if you live in BFE $100k would have you living like a king in a gold plated double wide trailer. Also costs of utilities vary greatly across regions, not to mention continents/hemispheres.

So while DevOps engineers make more, due to their location they could be living in a van down by the river, and be upside down on their payments for the van.

Fiorina: I rushed out HP servers to power NSA snooping. Mwahahaha!

Josh Cain

She spied on HP...lets give her a national intelligence community to abuse too!

Who in their right mind would vote for someone who got caught spying on their own employees. "Here...have control over the NSA and CIA...don't abuse it now".

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Josh Cain

The line for my phone starts to the right.

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive

Josh Cain

Apple Genius in training.

HP wag has last laugh at US prez wannabe with carlyfiorina.org snatch

Josh Cain

Re: why @Nate Amsden

Well, if fucking over those you are responsible for is the definition of politician, then she's more than qualified. Let's also talk about what a great idea it is to put someone who was embroiled in a spying scandal surrounding the company they led in charge of an intelligence community...embroiled in a spying scandal.

Thecus N4310 4-bay: A NAS-ty beast for the budget-conscious

Josh Cain

Re: wait for it...

That was it. I was, and am currently, viewing it on my mobe.

My apologies Ed, I figured the content would be constant across platforms.

Josh Cain

wait for it...

The article keeps implying this unit is cheap, however the price isn't mentioned anywhere. Golf clap to the author.

HP breaks for Xmas week - aka 'staff hols' - source

Josh Cain

No surprise there

As a former HP plod the mandatory holiday office closure is nothing new. We were required to hold on to vacation to accommodate the holiday closure. As a road warrior I didn't mind, as around Christmastime travelling becomes more of a nightmare than it already is. From a business point of view it makes sense as well, as the majority of client staffers are out on holiday, and little gets done.

ESA's spaceplane cleared for lift-off in February 2015

Josh Cain


So the ESA is putting a scaled up version of Megan Fox's thumb into space? How's that supposed to work?

iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?

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Autonomy ex-moneyman: 'Visionary' Léo would have made HP merger work

Josh Cain

Re: What a load of bull...

Funny, same could be said of your contribution. Well done.

Josh Cain

Re: What a load of bull...

Let's not leave KPMG unscathed here, they were the company tasked with auditing Autonomy's books prior to the acquisition.

Yosemite Siri? Apple might plonk chatty assistant on your desktop - report

Josh Cain

Does anyone remember the stupid Office paperclip assistant? And how successful that was?

DreamWorks CEO: Movie downloaders should pay by screen size

Josh Cain

And you wonder why they posted a loss...

With bonehead ideas like these, not to mention the previously mentioned crap remakes, it's no shocker that their industry is drying up.

Lawrence 'Empire Strikes Back' Kasdan to pen future Star Wars script

Josh Cain

Why not...

Just take Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy and BAM, excellent bit of sequels prepackaged and ready to go.

Fanbois spy future iPhone in log file

Josh Cain
Jobs Horns

t-mobile iPhone?

Could be a test handset for the rumored T-mobile iPhone release. Stands to reason as they use different frequencies than AT&T for their 3G coverage in the US.

Skinny Acer notebook delivers six-day battery life

Josh Cain
Gates Halo

It's not a bug...

It's a feature!

Apple confirms Windows 7 support for Mac OS X boot camp

Josh Cain


I've had the Windows 7 RC installed on my Macbook Pro for months, with no problems.

Promise Smartstor NS4600

Josh Cain

vs. the Acer easystore h340...whats the point?

Like the Drobo...this seems excessively overpriced compared to the Acer easystore h340 WHS, or the HP equivalent, the Acer at least of which comes with 1TB of storage out of the box, plus 2GB of DDR2 for significantly less.

Toshiba hints at sooner-rather-than-later fuel-cell debut

Josh Cain
Black Helicopters

What does the FAA think of fuel cells

To point out he benifits of a fuel cell to retroneo who wrote 'I don't get it at all' a fuel cell has the potential for being recharged in a manner of seconds, as you replace the material that it derives it power from (like recharging a butane lighter from a pressurized can, or refuelling your car...), as opposed to plugging in and having to wait for your battery to recharge.

Being someone who travels on a weekly basis, and seeing the minor nightmare that is airport security, I wonder what category a refill cartridge for a fuel cell would fall under? Would they be sold in airport shops or banned altogether?

Obviously someone with a fuel cell powered cell or laptop would be screwed by the TSA and their appearance of security if a fuel cell refill cartridge contained more than the 3 fluid ounces of liquid. Even more so if the refill cartridges housed a highly combustable material.

Besuited cubicle monkey trashes office

Josh Cain

how do you say...

How do you say 'don't taze me, bro!' in Russian?

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

Josh Cain

And here's to another ten

I'll be sure to hoist a few on this side of the pond in celebration.

Halo Master Chief armour offered on eBay

Josh Cain

Master chief suit...

That was one of a limited production run made by a company called Nightmare Armor Studios for the release of Halo3. It was features on the cover of a few gaming magazines prior to the release.

Here's a link to see some of their stuff:


Over all incredibly impressive work.

Josh Cain

Master Chief Suit...correction

Sorry, typo...Halo2 not Halo3

Nokia N95 update speeds apps with virtual memory

Josh Cain

US release?

Looking at the firmware version on my n95, I'm wondering when this new release will end up hitting the US handsets for updating.

Nokia unleashes N82 smartphone multimedia computer

Josh Cain


It's interesting to see what others are saying about their N95's, as I've apparently had a string of good luck with my handset. No lock ups, no memory issues, slider is built solidly and gives no issues with creaking open or closed.

Now, having had an N73 as my previous handset, I can say my only complaint with the N95 thus far is the battery life, but I have yet to actually kill the battery in a day full of heavy usage (read: watching full length movies, listening to music, reading ebooks, and talking 2+hours on the phone over the span of a day). This is also with bluetooth on, and wifi usage (but not continual scanning).

Other than the small complaint of the battery, I've been continuously impressed with improved performance as far as speed of apps loading and pure functionality of the handset itself.

Granted, the first thing I did once I got the handset was plug it in and upgrade the firmware.

Xbox 360 Elite arrives in US - or does it?

Josh Cain

Elite 8.99 upgrade

There's another way to get an 'elite' 360. $6 can of black matte Krylon spraypaint, and $2.99 roll of masking tape.

Last time I checked it was only available for in store pickup, but every Walmart in the country should have ample stock to supply the sudden onrush.


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