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Soup up your home network

John Currie


Interesting, it#s worth noting that the 2820 router only has 1GB port, the others are 10/100.

I'm a Draytek reseller and an avid user of them, and they are well priced units if you are looking for a high quality SMB space VPN router thingymabob.

I was working late last night when I needed access to one of these things, which I didn't program, deploy or mange. But I was able to access it within 5 minutes and reprogram it for my needs. Now this was only possible with LAN access so it is kind of secure I suppose.

Basically none of these routers are safe and are vulnerable to a draytek 'backdoor' which the manufacturer has programmed into the firmware.

I don't know whether to laugh, rejoice or cry at this news to be honest, but there you go.

Microsoft says it again - no second beta for Windows 7

John Currie

W7 is a classic!

Seriously it is I have used every OS since MS-DOS 5 and it is the best GUI based OS by far in fact it's the best out of them all.

Better than any apple or IBM flavour that is for sure.

I have a new 2.5g 3gb ram tablet and it boots in 20 seconds from cold to usable and that's with office and kaspersky on it and video codecs and all the other bits and bobs.

Vista on the same machine takes anywhere from 45 to 150 seconds, then the finger print software wont work, in W7 it's native!

MCE rocks and so does the tablet functions.

I also have a testbed on a media centre PC and yes it plays BBC HD h264 in MCE flawlessly with the MPC HC codec on via DVB-S2. (and records).

Flame on..


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