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Oracle asserts non-existent open source trademark

Mark Weston

This is not a fork

The article is just wrong to assert that the Nov 30th server move was a fork of the project. My understanding was that Hudson developers had been getting fed up for a long term with the reliability of Sun-then-Oracle's java.net hosting services and had collectively decided that github and Google Groups would be more reliable places to host their code and mailing lists.. It wasn't the creation of a second project, and the Oracle employee who was joint "co-owner" of the project would still be co-owner at the new locations. The move was simply about developer convenience.

And then Oracle objected to the move away from their services (I guess because this threatened their sense of being in control of "their" project), as covered in the Reg. But there still hasn't been a fork of the project. Yet.

Amazon Kindle biz boosted by... Apple iPad

Mark Weston

Well, they're half right

Most heavy readers I know think of a book as something to keep and re-read forever (even if that really means shelves full of books that aren't looked at for years). With that mindset, you'd have to be mad to buy a DRMed book from the iBooks store. Who wants to commit themselves to forever owning an Apple device so as to retain access to their library? Trust that Apple will eventually allow me access to my books on another platform? Not likely.

I actually prefer iBooks to Kindle on the iPad, but Kindle works well enough and I know it's reasonably likely that whatever ebook reading device I own in five years' time I'll be able to run a Kindle app on it and still have access to my books.

Blizzard exposes real names on WoW forums

Mark Weston

Hello, nice to meet you, I would tell you my name but then I'd have to kill you

I am bewildered by most of the reactions to this. We have people working themselves into such a frenzy about "OMG, INTERNET PRIVACY" that they're arguing that their names are secure information that can't possibly be shared. Tell me, how do you introduce yourselves at parties?

North Korea mobilizes Red Star Linux rollout

Mark Weston

Anonymous Cowards obviously have no sense of humour

It was a joke, chaps.

Guardian in hot water over activist face flash

Mark Weston

Subverting the will of parliament?!

"Parliament has never sanctioned a national police force: therefore this, and other police umbrella organisations, appear to be going some way towards subverting the will of parliament."

Now that is simplistic to the point of childishness. Presumably a bank robber should be safe as soon as he crosses a county border because sharing information between police forces and co-ordinating their efforts is subverting the will of parliament? I appreciate a lot of the Reg's coverage on privacy issues, but sometimes you guys do head off into knee-jerk territory.

AT&T savages Google Voice

Mark Weston


"Absolute bollocks" claim is in fact absolute bollocks.

The whole point of net neutrality, the reason that people care about it, is the fact that the company that controls my physical access to the net has many potential ways to abuse that control. AT&T controls the infrastructure of the network, Google provides applications on top of it. AT&T can use that control to block any competition that it doesn't like, Google has to beat its competition on a level playing field. AT&T customers can only switch after effort, expense and inconvenience (and in some locations probably have no alternative provider to switch to). Google customers can switch in a second, and they can choose between Google and competitors whenever it suits them.

Comparisons between the two are specious from start to finish. This whole line of argument is, in fact, bollocks.

'Lex Nokia' company snoop law passes in Finland

Mark Weston
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"This allows employers to investigate the log data of employees' emails, if the company has reason to suspect that corporate secrets are leaking out of the company or that its communication networks are being misused."

Well, duh. What do we expect here? Can employees really aspire to a right to unconditional privacy when using company resources and spending company money? If it's personal business and it needs to stay private, why are you doing it on a work computer?

If I own the kit and own (or pay for) the network then I think it's pretty natural that I expect to have the right to monitor and control how it's used. Companies are not only vulnerable to heavy costs if employees abuse their IT facilities, they can often be legally liable when their employees misbehave. It's not unreasonable for employees to hope for a presumption of privacy in normal circumstances, but it's just as reasonable that a company be able to police employees who are breaking the rules.

The office cubicle is not the same as the public square.

Google Chocolate Factory leaks (more) GDrive talk

Mark Weston
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I'm sure the concrete fountain molding enthusiast is outraged that he's been personally identified in public. Oh wait... that didn't actually happen, did it?

Now that it's been revealed that someone amongst the six billion earthlings is reading this stuff, I'm sure the fountain mold secret police are assembling in their black helicopters and checking their weapons. However they need a bit of help in narrowing down the list of possible targets.


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