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London cops trial 'leccy patrol cars

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Electric Transits are not rare

Check out the Case Studies page at SmithElectricVehicles.com for examples of hundreds of electric vans in use by dozens of fleet owners. Many of them are Ford Transit based. Just what the police are looking for. Bring it on.

Ford partners with British e-van maker to kickstart US EV drive

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Smith + Ford + others


Smith use Avia trucks as the base vehicle for their (7.5t-12t) Newton range. Avia used to be related to Korean conglomerate Daewoo, but is now owned by India's Ashok-Leyland group.

Nancy Gioia of Ford recently indicated that, in order to speed up the progress of EV development, she was happy to see Ford's partners sharing their technology with other partners to help increase volumes. So I don't imagine that Ford will be dicating which other base vehicles Smith/SEVUS choose to use. But I guess SEVUS might find it cheaper or more convenient to switch from Avia to some other chassis sometime. Ford already work with Nissan, Nissan work with Renault and just signed a deal to work with Avia. So there is lots of cross-fertilisation going on.

PS: I am interested to know what Smith vehicles you've seen in Leeds.

Council fields world's first rubbish-fuelled rubbish truck

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Smith Electric Vehicles

Having seen Smith mentioned in this report, I found it worth taking a look at the Case Studies page on their website http://www.smithelectricvehicles.com for some fascinating examples of other situations in which these trucks have been used.


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