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BACS Bank Holiday BALLS UP borks 275,000 payments

Bob Terwilliger

Re: The bank could close for a month and I'd be OK.

You'd be ok for only as long as you had a gun, ammunition, food and water....

Hello Barbie: Hang on, this Wi-Fi doll records your child's voice?

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Stasi Barbie mails your Daddy?

'Burning platform' Elop: I'd SLASH and BURN stuff at Microsoft, TOO

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Burning Platforms Everywhere!

This guy seems to go from disaster to disaster.

Chromecast: You'll pop me in for HOT STREAMS of JOY, hopes Google

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Chromecast v Smart Tv

Apart from lowering the faff factor versus cables, there's also a few reasons why this is better than a Smart Tv

1) Trying to enter text on a TV remote - not fun!

2) Crippled Youtube on Smart TVs - search results don't give anything like the same results as on my phone or tablet.

'Nothing will convince a kid that's never worn glasses to wear them'

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Re: Were any of you people ever 20 something?

Totally agree - the last middle aged, mega-rich CEO of Apple was able to show products that were actually cool.

The current one is using up that legacy by trying to decry others products without having anything as an alternative.

Business sues for $750,000 over bad Yelp review

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Re: companies should encourage everyone to make reviews in order to balance bad reviews

The ratio for posted online complaints is probably even higher than 5%. The complainers are more likely to post a review compared to the 95% of happy/satisfied/meh customers.

Businesses should have the right to respond, but judging the tone of that response would be a challenge for some small business owners....

Jock and Awe: Scottish schools' sixty-mil 'slab splurge

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Robust enough?

Does it Deep Fry??

Google defends drowning Acer's newborn Alibaba Linux mobe

Bob Terwilliger


Got to laugh at the owners of youtube complaining about piracy.

Ouya Android games console to ship April 2013

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Surely one of the main uses for this, at least initially, would be emulators & retro-gaming?

A Megadrive & SNES in the same box with hundreds of Roms available on line means there's already a massive back catalogue albeit of questionable legality.

'Inexperienced' RBS tech operative's blunder led to banking meltdown

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Smell the management bull..

Typical management/politician type answer that tells you more by it's omissions than what it contains.

"Well I have no evidence of that." <translation> I have been told by underlings but haven't seen the documentation myself

"The IT centre - our main centre, we’re standing outside here in Edinburgh, [is] nothing to do with overseas. " <translation>The mainframe is here, I'm not saying where the sys admins are

Our UK backbone has seen substantial investment." <translation> We have upgraded hardware and software, I'm not saying where the sys admins are.

Facebook now has 1,000 times the referrals of Google+

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Real Names v Aliasssessses

If Google plus want to differentiate itself, perhaps it can implement aliases.

They understand that people have different circles of friends with differing levels of access.

OK , fine +1 to Google Plus compared to Facebooks boolean default stalker heaven.

But it's strange that they don't seem to understand that people may wish to show a different name online in different situations.

If the alias is linked to the "Real Name" they still get the precious precious data that they need.

BBC explains 'All your Twitter pics are belong to us' gaffe

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Perhaps twitter can give the option of adding the username as a watermark when uploading a pic.

Most online viewers wouldn't care about seeing a watermark but it would obviously not be broadcast or print quality and so if the meedja wanted the original they'd have to get in touch with the creator.

Such a simple solution that it's probably already patented in the U.S. by Apple...

George Lucas defeated by Stormtrooper helmet man

Bob Terwilliger

Time Travel officially impossible?

I'm doing it now look - zooooooooom!

Dixons reports huge losses of £224m

Bob Terwilliger

Not just Dixons

Went to buy a cycle helmet from Halfords but in the queue I quickly scanned the barcode to check online prices and saw it was 30% cheaper on the Halfords site.

Asked to buy it at that price but shop staff wouldn't budge so stepped out the queue and ordered it online through my phone to pick up at that store.

2 mins later the shop guy pops over to tell me that my order has come through and I can now "pick up" my order - which I was still holding - and pay at the reduced price.

Use of Weapons declared best sci-fi film never made

Bob Terwilliger

Fixing a poll like this

Would be trivial to a Mind....

Pakistani IT admin leaks bin Laden raid on Twitter

Bob Terwilliger

I totally agree

But you undermine your comment a bit by including a link to wikipedia no?

Apple 'greed' tax spreads beyond music, movies, magazines

Bob Terwilliger

For the hard of thinking

Apple can charge what they like in their store - accepted.

The major issue is that Apple are trying to fix prices OUTSIDE their store by stating that prices in the safe and secure Apple garden must be the same as on the big bad internet.

Surely, that is indefensible for even the most blinkered iStroturfer?

If you want to buy from the quick and easy Apple method *you*, the end user should pay the 30% Apple tax and genuflect in their direction for saving you from the "stress" of buying direct.

Steve Jobs unveils 30% subs model for ... everything

Bob Terwilliger

Apple still think they are the only show in town

Seems like an Elopian move.

If Kindle is forced off iOS, it may hurt Apple more than Amazon.

Of the few iPad users I know all mention Kindle as a key part of their use of the device.

Wonder if iBooks has to pay this 30% tax also? If not then the lawyers could be busy.

Dixons warns on crap Christmas

Bob Terwilliger


If they could have got more stock of the Advent Vega they could have had a nice fat section of the tablet market to themselves over the Christmas period.

As it is, it's still not in stock on their websites.

Ofcom: T-Mobile probe? Er, not really

Bob Terwilliger

Have fun in your own time, not my time

Contract finishes at month end but I'm not renewing due to the crass, schoolteacherish bollix of "If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband."

emm, how about just giving me the data and I'll decide how I want to use it?

HABITABLE ALIEN WORLD discovered 20 light-years away!

Bob Terwilliger

Wow! from Facesbook?

I now have visions of the source of the Wow! signal being extraterrestrial social networking crud

Samsung specs up 7in Android tablet

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Dom Joly wants his phone back.

First SMS Trojan for Android is in the wild

Bob Terwilliger

Google won't tolerate spyware on Android

After all, spyware is *their* job.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro Symbian smartphone

Bob Terwilliger

Burn the witch!

Is it worth getting that frothy at a phone?


Ballmer: One day, Bing will actually make money

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The thing with Bing

Is that no matter what search results are returned, there's always a nagging thought that Google will return better results.

Maybe Microsoft should be pushing some money into search engine aggregation services as well as burning money on the big bing bonfire.

'We must all stop washing to save the planet'

Bob Terwilliger

"carbon emissions cuts"

Was it just me that read that as "carbon emissions cults"?

coat, blah, blah

HTC Hero Android smartphone

Bob Terwilliger

Don't see the lag??

I'd had T-mobile's version of the Hero for the past week and I haven't really came across much lag except for a noticable half second when flipping the orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

One of the first things I did though was download a task manager from the Android market to let me easily clear "closed" programs that were still using the CPU. It's amazing the number of programs that stay running even after being "closed" don't know if this is a Sense UI thing or an Andriod thing.

Coming from an N95, the phone is fantastic but the camera is rubbish and lack of a flash really is a pain.

Obama disconnects 'obsolete' cell phone tax

Bob Terwilliger

Never catch on

"burdensome, poorly understood by taxpayers, and difficult to administer consistently".

Isn't that the mission statement of the Inland Revenue?

Street View vehicle kills Bambi

Bob Terwilliger
Black Helicopters

Depends on how you look at it?

Was this a field test of Google Rez (beta)?

The streetview car (equipped with Google Rez), drives past the roadkill which is drawn towards the car and restored to life.

The catch is that google then get the right to run ads direct in the brain of the restored life-form.

All hail google, what can't they do?