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eBay scammer steals identity of special agent investigating him



Ahhh mail fraud, one of the more fun ways to get the feds after you....

Hacktivists pose growing threat to industrial computing

Black Helicopters

Here's an option: stop putting these systems on the internet... and have the systems controlling the systems on a private network with no connection to the network which has access to the net... DONE! on and vlans don't count!

Smartphone sales up 50%


Ahhh HAH

I knew having a phone which can't place calls and being concerned was just me over reacting as well... silly me.

38 states grill Google on three-year Wi-Fi slurp

Jobs Horns

Ever used an Iphone with the GPS off

"More to the point, ad nauseum, is why did Google see a need to be about collecting SSIDs, or any other wireless information while photographing the neighborhood(s)?"

or an Ipod which does not have gps... funny how it can locate quite accurately even though it has no radio other than wifi. Thats because its tracking SID / MAC and bouncing that off of the maps online data base...

Today is not New Year's Eve - or the end of the decade


For the love of all that isn't holy

Can't we keep it simple... Is it not easier to celebrate the "Decade" meaning 10 years every time the tens digit is changed, and respectively so the hundreds, thousands, etc? lets face it we don't even know for a fact if Jesus even truly existed, and every one who has ever attempted to prove ANY thing that happened in the bible as being fact has been stacked against with a mountain of refuting evidence... So here is how I see it... We don't know the exact date the earth was created, thus we need some point... We use the supposed birth (or death or some other fictitious date in the middle) of Jesus as a starting point... So assume that the previous year as year 0 and call it a bloody day! (or year if you are so pleased).

T-Mobile back up after US outage



Well being on a MyTouch (HTC Magic) in Denver, the wife and I had no issues...

Woman rings cops to decry daughter's superior BJ skills


This requires photos

or it didn't happen... Perhaps the daughter had fewer teeth to get in the way.

Health emails from US voters overload fed website


The media = Fail

Ok being a yank, All I want to know is how much does it cost me not every one... and If I break my leg, need a bigger dong, or I have the sniffles how much it costs me... I have yet to see this and that is frustrating. Just tell me how much... at $125 a month for health insurance right now I find it hard to belive it could get worse...

US state bars sex offenders from 'social networking sites'


I guess

they just want the sex offenders to go meet people face to face... o w8... that won't work...

Airliner black-box 'real time data streaming' tech developed



and yet a cell phone call will crash the plane? hello!?! I think not

Report: US planetsmash-asteroid scan running years late

Dead Vulture

Well lets face it

We could not do any thing about it after all... so whats the point...

I'll take my bullet with a blindfold and a cigarette please.

Sony coughs to faulty Vaio notebooks



Sony is just the windows version of crApple... Over Priced Under Powered and short lived.

Exploding iPhone injures French teen


Hmmm I think they picked the wrong name...

On the drafting board was also the name: "i-Xpload" but Apple was afraid of being sued by Sony.

Crystal ball torches woman's flat


my crystal ball tells me

you will be shopping for a new apartment in the near future.

Twitter meltdown raises questions about site stability


Errr Ummm Makes Sense

"Twitter meltdown raises questions about site stability"

Well its users are unstable... Why should the site be any different...

Gamers gun down Half-Life



Until some kid uses their source code, and daddys gun to recreate it in his back year with the back drop in line of sight of the neighbors home... I bet he gets off a few hundred rounds before the cops take 15yr old junior out


With something of less stiffness

Like a sheet or cardboard one would be able to use airsoft or bb guns to accomplish the same thing. Purely irresponsible to demonstrate this with a real gun.

Head shop rolls out disk size roadmap


... Head shop in the us

Head Shops in the US are places you go to get pot smoking accessories and high end tobacco (not cigars, not cigarettes)

Exotic star's 'violent ejections' during companion's visits


grumble grumble

I for one am let down by the head line

US lawmakers to de-silence electric cars


Let me get this strait

My motor cycle is illegal cause its too loud now they are bitching and moaning about a mode of transportation thats too quiet?

Windows 7 and the Linux lesson

Thumb Down

Give me a break

Some one needs to tell the hardware manufacturers that it is not Microsofts job to make sure their shit, which follows standards like a blind seeing eye dog, works.

HTC Touch Diamond 2


Such a Shame

You had me till you said Windows...

In all honesty I am on cell phone protest right now... The G phone is a hunk of junk (what is with the near side-kick-ish wax on wax off keyboard?), the Iphone while having a crap load of apps while is nice and I could see my self buying it if there wasn't a piece of fruit on the back (or may by if apple released its iron fist and let us do what we want with the phone we bought). And the black berry storm is about as useful as a jimmy with a hole in the liquid capturing reservoir.

I want a strait up Gphone with no mechanical keyboard running linux... is that too much to ask for?

MySpace CEO hits eject button

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He realized that myspace is just another shit hole on the web just like face book...

AT&T seeks additional year of iPhone lock-in


Dear God NOOOOO!!!!

AT&T has an iron grip on their service price for the I-phone. Forcing mandatory additional packages and extortionist prices. Give me a break to match my $45 t-mobile plan against an I-phone on At&t it would run me $130 (including taxes...) and i would lose 100 minutes.

French pass 'three strikes' file-sharing law


@ David Wiernicki

"Or who happen to have the same IP as other people who WERE downloading content"

Ummmm no... for downloading to actually work it requires a connectionful TCP connection... Thus if some one spoofs your ip all returned data (AKA the download you just requested) gets thrown out the nearest airlock.

Now if you were running a Tor end point... well then there is no helping your level of stupidity...

Now if you were using a Tor end point, you might want to look at who owns that end point, (IE: Hong Kong Post Office (they also are a cert auth too) or the NSA, CIA, FBI, ect...) Its kind of hard to be private when you are sending all your data too the people your trying to obfuscate around.

Firefox 3.1 release date hampered by cheeky monkey


wonder when....

firefox is going to make all user set able variables are going to be resettable from the gui.

until then turning down jobs where firefox is the standard unless i can convert to IE.

Outsourcing suddenly less popular


One would think

That these companies should have realized that saving a buck does not equate to making two... Removing money from the economy you do business in has a negative return in the long run. May be once we are out of this 3rd ring of hell we call the "recession" these companies will realize just what exactly it means to be socioeconomically conscious. I for one will not do business with them.