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I suspect you mean Frodsham, not Frodshaw. Do try and keep up!

You thought NFC tags were Not For Consumers? Well, they're in Maplin's

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As there are no in built profiles with Android (lots of 3rd party apps), using Tasker and NFC Task Launcher is the quickest way of putting the phone in the mode I want, with a simple wave of the phone at the tag

Mark Southee

Yes, you have to tap another tag. So I have one attached to the in car holder, one stuck to my monitor at work, and one in my wallet for home.

Mark Southee

Using NFC Task Launcher and Tasker on Android, I have tags at work, home and in the car. I use them for profiles. At work the phone is set to vibrate, no WiFi. In the car it sends auto reply text to inform people I'm in the car and won't reply to sms. At home connects to home WiFi, etc.

Playstation phone postponed for some punters

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Coming Soon?

Actually it (and the arc and neo) has been a 'Coming Soon' handset on the Orange website for a couple of weeks.

Natalie Portman slaps John Galliano

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Firing procedures?

Perhaps they're getting Ashley Cole in?

Liverpool forward faces possible grilling over 'joke' Twitter pic

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Webb, unpopular in Spain

As Webb refereed the World Cup final that Spain WON, I doubt they are upset with him. Holland, however, who lost that final, and had a man sent off, may have removed him from their Xmas card list. Babel just happens to be Dutch.

Spurs soothsayer predicts Young Boys thrashing on Twitter

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There's a thrashing taking place, but not how Spurs imagined it

MS Office for Mac 2011 out in October

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Sods Law

Guess who bought 2008 on Saturday?

Manchester ID staff suffer isolation as new dawn fades

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Isolation, New Dawn Fades?

Spot the Joy Division fan

Mobile broadband or WiFi? You betcha

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3G Coverage

Everyone seems to forget that 3G coverage (in the UK at least), is pretty poor. The networks only seem interested in the big urban areas, and the rest of the country can go hang. I was in the alps last summer and could get a gsm mobile signal on the top of Mont Blanc. Try doing that in Snowdonia, the Lakes and the Scottish Highlands, never mind 3G