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Spd improves mobile TV experience



The software is by SPB, B for Brilliant Winmo Software house

NOT SPD, D for Dumbass reporter

Google to fund 'video Street View' for Central London

Black Helicopters

April Fools :)

Although adding Google to the mix does add some credibility

Apple preps netbook 10-inch touch screen thingy


@Mike Flugennock

I think you'll find the Newspad is credited to Arthur C Clarke not Kubrick

Clarke has similar "web" devices of various size and function in a few of his books

Boffins build 'slow glass' light-trapping nanodoughnut


Sad Ending

If I remember correctly from the story as it was published in Interzone magazine, there were some rather tragic effects of slow glass in that since it worked both ways events which you may wish to forget can resurface many days/months/years later.


Multi-sense VR helmet in development



One step closer to "Better Than Life" (TM)

Bill Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation


Matriarch, Patriarch?

Surely it should be MICROiarch

Extra-heavy minicopter 'Jetpack' astounds world+dog



Didn't the mighty pop-science duo on Myth busters bulid something very similar?

Yahoo! wins sponsored links ruling in High Court

Paris Hilton


Exclamation! marks! go! missing! from! Yahoo!! headline!

Paris, cause she sacrificed her IQ for our benefit

Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention



>Your velocity simply cannot exceed the speed of that which propels you.

Sail boats travel faster than the wind that propels them, look up vectors and relative velocities.

BitTorrent-busters busted by BitTorrent


@Steve ten Have

its called DVD rental by post. Starts at about £5 per month

PC superstore unhinged by Linux


True Story

Whilst at the check out at PC world buying some DVD R's the (old) lady was having some problems getting the product to scan and complete my purchase for me.

She looked at me and said:

"I hate computers I do"

Apple restricts ringtone rights



Buy the CD on line, its frequently cheaper, the choice is bigger and the quality is better.

As for Appple.. i'm feeling rather smug this week after convincing my wife that there are other MP3 players apart from the Ipod and in the process saved myself quite a few quid

Click here for the UK's highest-paid IT post



Being paid that much is all fine and dandy... but if the contract isn't IR35 safe then I ain't signing

China jails 'subversive' net dissident



"Yes, in the UK he'd be arrested as a terrorist!!"

and then released without charge a few weeks later, although the police will have found something else dodgy by then, suspected child porn, cc fraud etc.... to tell the press

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad



I used to work for a UK software company, when I first started they had just landed a large american company as a rather big client.

One of the first things in the project we had to do?

Change all the refences to slave-master relationships in the legacy codes to say parent-child, just in case it offended someone.

Man still top dog at poker



Good poker players don't gamble

HMRC loses landmark tax ruling


@Bloody "Big Brother" Government

Totally agree - a more flat rate tax system would probably mean more tax revenue as loopholes would be near impossible to find.

Also, if they stopped wasting the damn money (and i won't say where its being wasted) I might feel a bit better about paying it

Cat senses impending death


Cat needs a bed

Clearly the cat is just trying to get the bed before another old codger arrives

Fancy an earful? Click here for tech support


Re: Not Impressed

>Not exactly up to BOFH standard, is it?

Maybe BOFI standard :)

Japanese offered USB bum-cooling cushion


Along with the USB Mug Warmer...

Along with the USB Mug Warmer, this looks like something i need to buy. As it should deal with sweaty balls as well

Can intelligence really help business get out of a hole?



Intelligence, as the article suggests, is only intelligence, it is not action and it is not decision making.

There are plenty of un-employed or poorly paid PHD holders out there who are certainly intelligent, just seem to have made some poor choices in life.

Similarly with BI, you can give a company all the facts and information in the world but if its not what they need or can use then its next to useless.

The first step always needs to be a decision on what decisions the company needs to make. Business Intelligence can then be used to cut the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

Its a tool, nothing more nothing less.

It was Microsoft wot done it


Mr Crank

"An average 1 query a second, results in timeout errors?"

This was an estimation by another commenter (not a respected database benchmark tester) based on a performance of a single website, not inspection of the database itself and certainly not taking into account how badly the database was configured.

And what's more even 1 query a year can still result in a time out error if a badly written query meets a badly designed and un-optimised database.

You seem to have completely missed the point that you cannot slate a product by one person highlighting one bad implementation.

yes the products should be benchmarked, but at the same time, database installations and configurations are not always straight forward and it would be fair to invite all vendors to send representatives along to assist with the testing.

And as for JD Power... a completely different method of assessing product function/performance through user surveys. Not really benchmarking now is it


Stupid example

"So the best, most scientific testing methodology is to find a random website that uses product X, get it to produce an error message and assume"

"Read comment 3 to understand why."

er no, any badly designed and configured database is going to result in errors, especially time out errors. That's not the product at fault, its the admin/designers/developers fault.

Next you'll be blaming every broken down car on the manufacturer regardless of how conscientious or not the owner is regarding routine servicing and checking.

Can we have a proper study of Wi-Fi, please?


Repeatable evidence

Martin Sharp,

Mike Repacholi did not dismiss the claims presented to him, he merely said that individual studies are meaningless, they need to be repeated and correlated by other independent scientists.

Whether he's in the pay of the mobile phone companies or not, that point he raised was perhaps the only scientifically strong answer given in the entire programme.



As a public service broadcaster, the BBC is committed to producing programmes aimed at minority groups.

Last night was the turn of the luddites and hypochondriacs

G-Wiz electro-car fracas leaves Top Gear blubbing


20+20 could be close to 40


The point I was making is that the energy (as calculated by 0.5mv^2) does not factor into calculating impact forces. The starting point is always momentum. This is why light, which has zero mass, can apply an impact force as it does have momentum.

Basic physics (obviously standards are still slipping)


RE:20 plus 20 isnot 40

Marvin the martian wrote"

Kinetic energy (m*V^2) scales quadratically with speed, so a head-on 20mph-vs-20mph crash is half the energy of a 40mph-vs-0mph crash."

Not true, momentum is calculated as m*V - ie directly proportional to velocity.

The severity of the impact depends on the differential change of momentum not the amount of energy expended.

So a 40-0 crash is (for the sake of the argument) the same as a 20-20 crash


Interesting fact

Boris and Ladyman have both been guests on the Top Gear "Star in a reasonably priced car" slot. Times are as follows:

Dr Stephen Ladyman 1.48.8

Boris Johnson: 1.56

So Ladyman wins

OLPC bumps prices, adds Windows capability


Africa is a huge continent...

...and not every child is starving, contrary to obviously popular belief many children in Africa live in houses, go to school and get regular meals but are missing out the technological revolution. The OLPC project gives them a foot hold in IT.

Other charities are already looking after those children who are starving, feel free to give them a donation if you feel your money would be better spent there.