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Google chief lectures newspapers

John McNeally

Destroys them?

"Both Google and Yahoo offer technologies like digital maps to newspapers and both syndicate their search engines to them, giving them a cut of resulting advertising revenue.

In addition, Google has what it has called “multimillion-dollar” licensing deals with The Associated Press and other news agencies like Agence France-Presse. It created a program to sell print ads, which it recently canceled."

"We’re not saying Google doesn’t deserve money for its magic. We’re just saying it should fairly share the wealth. What’s fair? Well, some percentage of gross revenues. As big as the Web business has become, it’s only in its infancy. Online advertising will continue to outpace ad spend overall, and content producers want to get on the ramp."


I think that business that dont evolve must die. If you havent figured out a way to monetize your business isnt googles fault, try something different, evolve and yes listen to your users. For many years we just had information from top down. Democratization of the information with internet shifted the balance of the "old media" and now they dont have a clue what is going on...

If you ask me how to monetize, I would say "I dont care". But I do know that instead of this finger pointing game their time would be better used in doing something more productive like, lets say, finding a fricking way of getting some money.

IBM fingered over early Linux mistakes

John McNeally

In the open source world is prohibited to make money...

Thats why those weirdos are still living with mommy, using shirts "Disney 1993" and have long hair.

Like someone else said, companies are there to make money... AND you should be happy about it otherwise Linux would not be half of what it is today...


Hadoop - Why is Google juicing Yahoo! search?

John McNeally
Gates Halo

Gimme a break...

Why the heck you twist everything and throw it back at google in a bad way I wont ever understand...

Good article but since after I saw your interview in 'crancky geeks' and how you hate/envy/wish/cry about google I have second thoughts about you being an impartial "reporter"... I guess you prefer the way Microsoft/Apple work. Never saw you complaining about Windows code base being open sourced or something like this...

Nice article though. (for real, not joking :P)

Google digital book 'monopoly' feels heat

John McNeally
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Oh, you dirty microsoft...

This is the real way microsoft works:

*They tried to "copy" google in its X deal (books now)

*they FAILED miserably,

*they took of all their existing effort out of the way (giving us users the middle finger up)

*now MS blames google of whatever bad things come...

What angers me the most is that MS wants to prevent innovation and access to information. We, the users, that get in the middle of this stupidities...

If it would be by MS we would just get their information from Encarta... and please encarta, dont rest in peace...

What if IBM doesn't buy Sun?

John McNeally


I was sarcastic with the repetitiveness of the article but apparently you got it all wrong.

Think out of the box.... pal ...

John McNeally

If Sun doesnt sell itself...

it is because Sun can fail without an IBM merge. And Sun failing without a merge with IBM it means that they could not itself. And by not merging with IBM, Sun will be actually failing to can. And to can mean it does it IBM Sun merge ? Merge, fail, IBM, Sun...

Oh dear lord... my son could have written a better article about it.

Nokia plotting Symbian laptops

John McNeally

Nokia rants?

Google is doing kinda the same thing... and everyone thinks its wonderful. But when comes to nokia they are confused, it wont happen, its a mistake... And blah blah blah.... Bloody stupid narrow minded folks.

BTW, what is an iphone os ?

Ryanair trades blows with 'idiot blogger'

John McNeally

Come on people...

Has anyone here ever traveled with ryanair ?

Just look at the stuff when they are teaching us how to fasten the belts they, dont seem that happy, or how the ticket lady almost ripped my finger off when she took the ticket so fast that left my hand on air for about 3 seconds, or what about the people that travel there (including me)...

Those poor bastards dont have a chance in life and ended up in ryanair... like me... If i could I would fly emirates my friend :P

Nokia prepares to fiddle with Symbian

John McNeally
Paris Hilton


Americans think that iphone are the world hottest thing. Just being american and living in their own little shell can explain such a mentality... Mostly at blogs and podcasts the only thing I hear is nokia bashing in favor of apple. It is just disgusting!!

Its because motorola is biting the dust and my beloved fast food eaters cant handle that the number one (because the fast food eaters need to be number one in everything) is european?

Nokia might not make the best looking phones in the world but they are a cell phone company... Apple has one device, which sold very well indeed, but the margin is still far away from what Nokia has... Threat to Nokia is Google... and just in a few years and more devices.

Paris Hilton for our North American brothers.. Grab a mcfries and chill out dudes..

Google Chocolate Factory leaks (more) GDrive talk

John McNeally
Dead Vulture

@Aditya Nag

Finally someone is with me on this one... Totally support u on this man.

Or Cade is seriously jealous with googles success or his cv wasnt accepted and now he needs to nag nag nag...

Google gives world net test lab

John McNeally

No bashing...

What?! Mr. Metz didnt complain about google????

This way you wont get your 15 mins of fame dude...

American Stereotype™ walks Google's mean Street View

John McNeally
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Stereotypes are the best ;)

He looks mormon...

Yahoo! lobs! Briefcase! into! rubbish! bin!

John McNeally
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Cant find it either... Just 25Gb in my account...

Google shamed by Low Countries search

John McNeally

What a pitty...

Is really shameful that Cade Metz is always bashing google for everything that google does.

I saw in cranky geeks how the hatred towards the company is visible.

Is it because you are not successful in your own field that it's easier to bash other companies or your search agreement for this site with microsoft?

Grow up to be more impartial. If anyone reads this guy's columns will see what I'm talking about. The worst thing is that you make google sound so bad, even though it isnt the worst company around, and your arguments are so pathetic that when I read your name in any column I close the tab and move on.

ps. I had the urge to finally create my account just to comment here.