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Judge throws the book at phishing fraudster

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To short

In my opinion the sentence is to short. It costs each one of us computer users a substantial amount of money for virus scan and trojan scan software without these little or big criminals trying to cash in on what I call an open internet. The future scares me.

UK gov squeezes 'best pricing' pledge from MS

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MS versus Open versus Apple

At a ripe old age and working for a very large company I have come to realize that somethings are inevitable although common sense tells different. MS rules sublime. As a long time Mac and Neo office user I can vouch for them both but there is a mind set amongst companies (and it probably starts with the IT departments power) of no change is good. Reading some of the technical papers that are out on the web I do think that a change in thinking is needed especially in mono systems. It is of utmost urgency to have multiple systems available in case of attack by malicious others. Apple and it's OSX operating system, although open to attack as well, should be considered as a parallel system to MS for security.

Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time

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Open source better than windows!

Windows in my opinion does not work. At home I work with an Apple Mac Book without problems; at my place of work I am forced to use Windows, one problem after another. I use Neo Office at home on my Mac, it runs so smoothly. Reading your comments I can but presume that you have never tried open source software or that MS has bought your soul. Modern day thinkers with brains realize that companies, institutes etc., should not rely on one system, but should spread their data over several systems. This again shows me that you have not done your homework.

UK cops' road accident reporting going paperless

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Political Lobbyind

The poor policeman at the scene will be expected to punch in info at the scene of possible mass destruction? This tastes of excessive lobbying of MP's (maybe with great financial gains) by some IT companies who stand to make lots of money out of the tax payer (who me).