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Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote control

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Prepare for pain

I'm with Neill on this one. Not only is an "advanced" setup process painful, it is also necessary given the number of errors in their much-vaunted database.

I have a harmony 'one' which I setup to work with my bravia TV, I had to delete the (fallacious) majority of the 27 inputs which the remote claimed were available. This conceptually simple process involved over 200 distinct mouse clicks (each involving a web page refresh) to then shuffle the remainder of the soft buttons into the newly vacant slots... I'm not even going to start on my misgivin gs with the frustrating and nonsensical naming and layout of UI elements in this monstrosity. In retrospect I've had migranes that I would relive in preference to repeating the setup experiance again.

In addition to all of the above, I was immediately blocked from the Logitech forums for criticising the obvious design flaws and lack of support for 3rd party developers seeking to offer a useable alternative.

For such a well engineered, functional and ergonomic piece of hardware, I consider it a real shame that the achievements of the designers should be overwhelmed by such an awful piece of software that sets back the cause of useability studies by several decades.


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