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Lords linger over extreme porn definition

Tony Cheetham

If they need someone to classify all the porn....

...they're welcome to employ my expert services.

Broadband claims mislead on speed

Tony Cheetham

Usual rubbish..

Im sure a lot of you know this, but for the unaware..

I'm afraid nobody can get 8Mb, because that is 8 megabits, which if you work it out is actually about 1000KB per second(Or there abouts). People who get 840KB a second are very lucky and in a minority, and still not getting close to the promised 8Mb. As the BT engineer explains, you would literally have to be plugged directly into the fibre optic switches in the exchange to get that speed, which funnily enough is what all those high speed countries do to get the silly speeds.

Hawking amazed by weightlessness

Tony Cheetham

In defense of Hawkers

As I'm sure you know Dave, you are never in zero-G, unless you have managed to find an expanse of space completely devoid of all mass(including your own). Zero-G in its classical and almost universally known non-pedantic meaning describes a lack of a noticeable gravitational effect, and that's exactly what the flight is for.