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Samsung LE40A786 'smart LED' 40in LCD TV


Plasma beating blacks with no burn-in risks....its a no brainer!

True, a Plasma may not run 550w all the time, but neither do the low voltage LED's on the back of the set, after all when the picture is mostly black thats because 0w is going to the LEDs in that section giving a true black, not the almost blacks on most Plasmas. What I do know is when ever I go near the new LED LCD the heat given out is a fraction of what the Plasma used to pump out. Probably due to its normal operational power usage of 240w, half of the 550w you mentioned.

I'm not denying a Kuro is a good TV, I've watched films on my friends 1yr old 50" Kuro (what he has in his "cinema room" becuase he doesn't want to ruin his £1200 TV by watching Sky with all its pesky logos), but I know that the plain-bow effect is still visible on that TV, even at its lowest light levels it will still chomp on almost the full 240w the LEDs pump out on an all white screen, and the best bit is an actual measured everyday non-dynamic contrast ratio of at least 500,000:1 (measured by users on AVForums with correct diagnostic equipment) and ZERO chance of burn-in at those levels. Current Plasmas can come close without ghosting being a risk, their not only in the same league, its not even the same sport. My plams, even with pixel orbiting on, would burn a channel logo / sports score in if you watched the same thing for more than an hour - leaving a slightly blurry but still burned in image - never a risk anymore!

Me, I'll watch my LED LCD over a Kuro and day of the week. Its just less fussy for normal TV watching and amazing for films, an amazing all-rounder.

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Better than a plasma - I've just switched

I bought the 46" version of this TV 2 weeks ago, sold my crappy 50" Plasma that had image retention problems from day 1, was less than a year old, and let me tell you, LED LCD beats it hand down!

Everybody who's been round my house since I got the TV remarks on how much better the picture is, and that's just standard upscalled cable on Virgin V+ box. Even my wifes friends who know pretty much nothing about technology are amazed at the picture.

The blacks are so much better, it uses less power, pumps out less heat, and oh, I can leave this with a static image on screen or play a game for hours on end and it won't burn in. Plasma's are more trouble than they're worth - will never buy one again after viewing this set.

Set it to SmartLED mode and 100Hz mode to low and sport becomes very watchable, then turn 100Hz off for 1080p/24hz movies then it trounces any Plasma I've watched for black levels and image detail (if you take the time to calibrate - AVForums has some great guides on this).

If you can, sell you're Fred Flintstone Plasma and get one of these: no screen retention, plasma beating blacks (0 cmd blacks - what Plasma can get near?), no Plain-bow effect. Its win-win-win!

World's fastest production car to gain electric twin


A lot of "experts" on here need to do a bit more research...

Does anyone know the amp levels on a 220v power supply - NOT a 110v domestic socket but the type that powers electric ovens etc? As this is the type of line that will power charger, not the same as the one running your laptop, plus some clever electronics that nobody on here would stand a chance of understanding. FYI - some electric water heaters run 220v 120 amps, so where does 16 amp max at 220v come from?


Also, has anyone bothered to read up on "Nanotechnology Rechargeable Lithium Batterys" - these don't use the carbon based micro strings that current Li-on barreries use, instead they use silicon ones that are much more reliable, lasts longer, and should charge much-much faster than carbon based ones.


Also, with 100% torque @ 0 rpm (e.g. 100% efficiency - not something the US may understand when it comes to engines - "What, it does more than 3 miles to the gallon?" or "We took that 7 litre 400hp engine boss, here's our new sports car - it will do 0-60 in 8 seconds - WOW!!!") in theory this may be more possible than you think. But hey, 640k of memory was enough for everyone - right?


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