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Top 500 supers - rise of the Linux quad-cores

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Upgrade Video

Check out a video of the processor upgrade process of "Kraken" (another Cray/AMD supercomputer) here: http://links.amd.com/CrayUpgrade.

AMD grows very own Opteron chipsets

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More Info on the New AMD Server Platform

You can find additional information on the new AMD platform in this blog: http://links.amd.com/ServerPlatformBlog.

And watch these videos for an overview of the new platform: http://links.amd.com/NewPlatformVideo and http://links.amd.com/ChipsetVideo.

Fake server beats real server on Web test

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Further Insight

Additional thoughts on the performance of a virtualized environment can be read here: http://links.amd.com/HolyGrail

AMD keeps promise with fresh Shanghai

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More Shanghai HE Info

Check out this post (http://budurl.com/AMDpost) and video (http://budurl.com/HEvideo) for additional Shanghai HE information.