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Swedish Tesla strike goes international as Norwegian and Danish unions join in


Re: Exactly what destroyed the UK car industry

BL = British Leyland. Basically a conglomerate of British car companies like MG, Triumph, Austin, Rover and others that were forced into one larger company. Like a lot of companies formed like this in the 70s and 80s, it did not work out as BL is long gone and many of those brands are dead or like MG own by foreign companies.

BOFH: On the couch



Ah yes, it is good to see the BOFH back to is his usual antics.

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles part 2



Shed three...Daleks. Hmm, those sheds sound like the racks in the backroom of my now ex-employer. While we did not have anything as ancient as the VT52s, there was some interesting relics. Now the Daleks, well, don't look in the closet...

BOFH: Key performance undertakers


A bit late on my part...

Due to the holidays and computer issues however well done. At least I was not drinking anything at the time I read this one otherwise I would need the keyboard icon.

BOFH: Baitin' switch


Oh yah!

Ah the BOFH is back in classic form. No months long wait either. My week has been concluding an up note.

Phorm takes a bullet for the advertising industry

Black Helicopters

I wouldn't mend advertising so much if...

- The advertising was not trying to track my browsing habits or gather other data

- Avoided Flash or animated adverts

- No pop ups/unders (not seen many since switch to Firefox years ago)

- No floating adverts (generally have not seen these due to NoScript but some site will try to throw an error message in my face. Usually said site does not recieve my clicks.

- Did not require scripts to run on my side

- The ad server did not slow down the server if content (I have had too many time where I am waiting to read a site's content but an ad network's servers was being rather slow in serving the ad and was holding up the content that I wanted to read.

- Was relevant to the content of the site I am reading, not to me specifically.

Trying to compare print advertising with online is like comparing apples to durian. Sure both are similar in some ways, however one is more offensive than the other. If I read a magazine, I expect to advertising relevant to the content of the publication. However print advertising is not trying to gather information about me unless I fill out one of those stupid mail-in "survey" cards and I supply my personal details, However in that case, I have to make the effort to supply the data in question. If I don't want to supply the data, the card just gets tossed in the recycling bin. Online advertisers on the other hand try to gather said data in any way they can and they don't care what the viewer thinkgs. We all just data to be sold as far as the online advertising networks are concerned.

BOFH: A spot of bother

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Sounds like something I have done...

Classic BOFH! Not to mention, this sounds like something me and my fellow co-workers did at a previous job.

PETA pronounces on Obama fly-swat


Sheesh, not again!

A few years ago, I worked at an outlet of the natural foods chain "Wild Oats" in the US (since swallowed up by Whole Foods). I had to work alongside some PETA members. These idiots (I would use something MUCH stronger but minors maybe reading) tried to get the meat department shut down. They failed. Those of us working the grocery, deli and meat departments used to annoy them endlessly by chowing down on animal based treats (provided by the dead animal department and cooked up by those of us in the deli). All of those PETA members worked as cashiers and wore their little "Meat is Murder" buttons on their company issued shirts.

Seeing PETA jumping on Obama for using an electric shock fly swatter does not surprise me. They want him to catch the fly and release it somewhere else? What about a mosquito carrying malaria or plague fleas? Sorry PETA, I will stick with the "swap first, ask questions" later method of pest control. To be quite frank, PETA needs to remove themselves from the food chain since they don't understand our part in it (aka pinnacle predator in most areas unless there is something larger and toothier hanging around). I suggest a large fire...

BOFH: Grand Theft Auto

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Classic Bastard.

OK, I hope I did not wake my housemate otherwise I have explaining to do. Classic! A nice way to end the day and a "sweet" thought take to bed. Now who would I want on that sidewalk?

BOFH: Aspie no questions


That explains everything!

So that is the name of that syndrome...

That also explains I have a hammer in my desk drawer.

BOFH: A safe bet

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Ah yes, my week ends on a good note...

Finally got around to registering after reading this column for the past 8 years. Anyway, I am glad to see the BOFH in his usual form. Its rather nice way to end the week.