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Windows 7: MS plays a Jedi mind trick on netbook owners

Software Guy

give me a break

The context around the dumbed down version of windows is not a marketing ploy to get you to run a higher priced version of Windows. It is to allow the Windows 7 to run on slow hardware!!!!!! Most if not all laptops that we normally will buy will run on a unrestricted version of Windows 7. This is just more "we should all hate Microsoft" propaganda.

Where's Wally Vista SP2?

Software Guy

Vista not half as bad

Most of what vista's problems are come from the media and not the OS itself. I have run vista on many systems without a problem. True, it took more memory and proc to work its best, but it is not as nightmarish as every news story makes it out to be. Also, Microsoft didn't really change the release date of sp2. They said first half of this year and now say second quarter. That is still in the first half if I recall correctly. I too think that Windows 7 should be sp2 if they are planning a RTM late this year/Beginning of next. Spend more time getting the next OS better then trying to revamp Vista sounds good to me, but I am one with out problems with vista so I am bias.


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