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Mozilla calls for 'open web' in EU Microsoft row

Mike H

It's very simple.

Anyone who wants to install Firefox or Opera on Windows can:

1. Install the software

2. Use the software

Thank you, and good night.

iPhone trifecta rumored for 2009

Mike H
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Analyst predictions, eh?

If we look at the past history of analysts on MacRumors: http://guides.macrumors.com/Category:Analysts - we can conclude that most of them talk out of their collective rears. So three iPhones? Pure speculation, and about as much substance as whipped cream from a can.

As for a trifecta, I presume the intention is the analysts betting on the prediction...

Where's Wally Vista SP2?

Mike H
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XP's abnormal lifespan

By the time Windows 7 comes out guessing late 2009 / some time 2010, it will have given Vista a roughly three year lifespan. I don't know where you get the idea that Vista's lifespan is somehow short.

Windows 95 to 98 (and 98SE) to the ill-fated ME were about two to three years apart. 2000 came out in 1999 and lasted until XP in 2001.

But hey, good job with the Vista bashing.


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