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Handset sales drop for first time in mobe history


Nokia 8210

Well ever since the Nokia 8210 came to market in September 1999 the only new features of a Cellular Radio Telephone (CRT) has been a colour screen, higher resolution colour screen, increased phone memory for contacts and SMS, oh and stupid features people dont want like "mobile Internet" (WAP - WTF), perhaps a CCD okay thats alright, so is this any surprise?

Mozilla guns for Guinness world record with Firefox 3.0


This is a non-story and easy for them

First why the fuck am I on - what the fuck is wrong with just 2.14? Why the fuck go from to 3.0? What is the fucking point of the two middle zeros? How many wasted zeros have been sent across my Virgin Media line every time I click on a website? This stuff has contributed to my trigger capping.

Secondly - meh. Maybe there is something in the latest .14 release that will grab version 3 as soon as it's released? Firefox is installed on every single Linux PC and 99% of Windows XP machines. Okay it's not installed on Vista as it's probably not compatible but this is still a serious number of computers.

Anyway, what the fuck is a Guinness world record, usually I hand over a fiver for a pint of it (and get a glare if I expect change these days with oil at fifty euros a tin)

Want a 1TB optical drive? Call/Recall me

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RE: 1TB is not enough

Excuse me Sir, But I (like many tens of millions of other people) use a Linux system here at home and create my documents with Apple Open Office. I have been doing this since around 1989 when I purchased Linux from a Shareware catalogue obtained from an advert inside "Amstrad Action" magazine. Though my house now has more shelves containing disc boxes than I would like 1.44MB is certainly enough for documents!

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

Dead Vulture

BOFH pre-paid Mastercard...

...is just what us in the IT-know need. "Would you like an extended warr... oh, I'll take that as a no then"

HP buys EDS: What are they thinking?


RE: Depends

"Both companies have been through savage job cutting in the recent past, so the risks of been [sic] taken over are more than mitigated by the exanded [sic] career potential."

Basically, who is going to listen to your opinion when you can't even use correct grammar or spelling?

Windows XP SP3 blame game begins


Moral of the story

1) Download and burn the ISO


3) ????

4) Profit

or - use WSUS.


El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

IT Angle

Good Work

El Reg is an Institution. Ten years? Meh! It's all about the Pentiums, baby.

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices



enough said

eBay kills live auctions



Come on people lets start using QXL and restore some competition to this market.

UK's most popular Wi-Fi router defaults to insecurity

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But I want to be Open

I actually want to have an unsecured wireless access point to provide a public service for passing phones, DS'es, laptops even. It's easy to set the hardware up so my own network (including another wireless AP but with WPA2) is seperate from it. Is there any way to sensibly achieve this? Do I need hotspot software? RADIUS?

Firefox 3 beta is live

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No thanks, I don't want built in virus checking and all the other crap.

Vonage shakes off patent disputes



Hi would you mind explaining how it leeches your bandwidth? I've used Vonage for nearly two years in the UK (ditching NTL) and think its brilliant but your statement is worrying.

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version


@ wibbilus maximus

Hi mate, you do make fair points and try to make a balanced argument (nice one) but you are forgetting something very important - Vista is SHIT.

Tories call for mobile phone ban in schools

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Guess there will be no need for schools to host cell sites then?

123-Reg takes weekend off


RE: Email forwarding? (confused)

Yes some emails may have bounced back to sender because the Mail-eXchanger (MX) record for the domain is held by 123-Reg.

21CN: It's not the data saviour


@Keith Turner

Crap analogy. Extra lanes on the motorway means the "middle-lane hoggers" simply move from lane two on a three lane motorway to lane three on a four lane motorway meaning there is still only one lane to pass these morons creating a bottlenext. Doesn't happen to broadband lines.

2012 Olympics to be 'car-free'

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I still think of Bart and Lisa every time I see the Olympic Logo.

Ofcom: no comeback for TV on analogue spectrum


Excuse me...

..but you can't get HD on a Spectrum.

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'


Service Packs 2

Mega$haft know that a lot of people wait for SP1 until taking the plunge. That's why they started developing it before Vista was released. SP2 will, therefore, be the "real" SP1.

Windows XP repair disk kills automatic updates


For goodness sake!!

Am I the only person here that thinks running Windows Update & checking automatic update status is something you need to do after doing a system restore? Its basic computer admin.

Dell laptop burns in China


Re: ...and?

... because this isn't a site about cars.

Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt


My arse

No Ford can do 140mph. More like the speedometer said 140mph which was more like 87mph. Fords are the new Lada.

A wardriving we will go!



I have two subnets at home. The first router has QoS and has things like the VoIP phones, the xbox and an unsecured wireless access point set to 1mbps. Then I have a Sonicwall which hosts my server, 5 pcs and a WPA secured access point. Occasionally I see a bit of web/email/msn messenger/psp traffic over the unsecured wifi but thats what I set it up for, as a bit of a public service. Is this wrong then?

Xbox 360 Halo 3 kick-ass console priced


Will it overheat?

And break?

Stolen satnav guides thieves to owner's home


RE: It does not matter...

Err... while carrying your Insurance and MOT certificate used to be a good idea as if you were pulled over this would save the copper from giving you a producer and increase the chance of you getting off whatever they have pulled you over for (not needed so much now Insurance and MOT status is on the PNC), but keeping the V5(C) / Registration Document in the car is plain stupid! If someone steals the car and it comes with the registration certificate then it is really easy for the their to sell the car on!

Dominos trns 2 txt


I thought it was just me...

...but glad to see others saying Dominos is sh*t and over priced. Having worked for them in the past (10 years ago now wth) I know that back then at least, every pizza cost less than £1.00 in "raw materials".Where I live in Mutley they do a BOGOF on collection but it's £15 for two large pizzas! My advice to anyone local is go to St. Judes Grill. Much better value AND a far superior pizza. They will even take orders over the phone!

China to map 'every inch' of the moon


Oh goodie...

Does this mean we will get to see the lunar rovers and all the other stuff left behind by the Apollo missions (or err is there actually nothing there because the Americans never walked on the moon?)

Postmaster kills off 'free for life' webmail


re: no ads?

If you don't want ads then use Firefox and add the Adblock Plus AND Adblock Filterset.G Updater add-ons. It's that simple.

Dell Linux is go


Which is better?

Ubuntu or Kubuntu?

Vista – End of the Dream?


Lets face it

If you're using XP now then sooner or later you'll be using Vista. I'm going to wait until Service Pack 2 though; XP is a (relatively) stable and mature OS and can be nicely tweaked to run just as you want - whats the point in upgrading right now?