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Remember that tale of a fired accountant who blamed Comcast? It's kinda true, says telco

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That's what I'm talking about.....

"2. You don't want the job back, but you do want your ex-employer to ask you to come back, like a dog with its tail between its legs, that they are. If your ex-employer wants to put their own noose around their own neck, let them."

Come back to work and keep things casual then when you've accepted an offer from another employer, make sure the asshat that fired you knows how much you appreciate use of the company resources to find your new job. It also might be fun to let him know that the settlement money enabled you to take a nice long vacation with your family prior to starting your new position. Of course, all of that is just a lousy piece of advice if, by some cruel twist of fate, you might need to be hired there again. Stranger things have happened.

Kim Dotcom offers free internet with own submarine cable

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Re: Say what you like about Mr DotCom...

If he pulls this off, he will be guarded better than the Crown Jewels.

Massive strike at Foxconn's iPhone 5 factory

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Re: USA?

My quad core HP: "Made and assembled in Houston Texas"

My Samsung 32 inch monitor "Made in Korea"

My Samsung Galaxy S3 "Made in Korea" "Battery Made in Japan and finished in Korea"

Although HP is currently building a facility in China and is expected to go online in 2015


Canonical bungs kill switch onto Ubuntu's Amazon 'adware'

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Nice handcuffs.....

With all the problems that Linux may have, if you can actually read the Microsoft Windows EULA and agree to it, then I really don't know what to say. Linux may have some rough spots but they are nothing in comparison to the absolute ham-fisted restrictions that Redmond wants to lock you into. If you are OK with that, then I suppose you are right where you belong.

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Port In The Storm

The Unity thing, coupled with Gnome Devs losing their fecking minds, got me the h3ll out of Ubuntu-land and Gnome as well. I found a distro called SolusOS that finally gave me what I wanted without compromise. The current supported release is running the last stable version of Gnome but the 2.0 release coming out in 2013 will be Gnome 3, written to act and appear exactly like Gnome 2. The beauty of SolusOS 2 is that unlike the Mint derivative Mate, the Solus desktop will use Gnome 3 under the hood while being fully backward compatable with GTK2.

I am personally looking forward to the 2.0 release and our Reglue.org organization will use it on every computer we install.

Euro watchdog to charge Microsoft on web browser choice boob

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Come back from 1999

"...are because they are painfully behind the times for user-friendliness.."

My organization, Reglue.org gives 8-18 year old kids somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 computers a year. The majority of those kids are between the ages of 12 and 15. Every one of them run a Debian-based Linux distro, respun to contain educational and recreational apps, many of them geared to the learning-disabled. Since 2005, we've rarely had any of our kids experience problems with learning the systems after less than an hour of instruction. To my knowledge, none of them have had to use the command line, unless they wanted to learn about it.

I am sorry you find using Linux difficult, and if I may be so kind as to offer you assistance, we have several 12 year olds that are willing to help you should you run into difficulties. Please email me personally and I will arrange a help session via vidchat or email. Most of these kids are extremely eager to help and rarely tell you to RTFM.

US credit card payment house breached by sniffing malware

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The architecture point is valid

Not wanting to prolong or evoke further shots fired, I will confirm as correct the poster who stated that Linux is secure not via obscurity but by the way the file system is designed. Now, You can't fix stupid...if you send me a script and tell me that it's the winning lottery numbers for next week (and oh please do change the permissions to execute) and I do it, then all the protection in the world isn't going to help me. Here is where the difference in Linux and Windows comes into play. In Windows, most usually, whatever malware or virus/trojan/havoc is in the payload will deploy to the users address book, chat addresses, etc and go forth doing it's dirty work. In Linux, the damage stays local...the way it should be.

The only one harmed is the idiot who opened it.

Why do you think the Battle-Readiness Group for the US Army and most of Wall Street switched to Linux on server and desktop alike? When queried why the BRG wouldn't be renewing their licenses, the Procurement Officer stated it curtly.

"When your computer crashes, you are inconvenienced, when my computers crash, good men die.

That's why the BRG switched to Linux.